Ways to optimize the conversion rate of your Magento stores

Driving more traffic to your website provides surety for you to increase sales on e-commerce stores. But if you wish to improve your conversion rate, a Magento e-commerce store can surely help you to a great extent!

Most of the Magento owners are worried, how to increase the conversion rate of Magento e-Commerce store. This post guides you through simple steps to raise the conversion rate in your Magento online store.

How to increase conversion rate

Hard work plays a vital role in marketing and sales, and also improves the conversion rate of your business. When it comes to e-commerce, it entirely depends on the technical factors of a website as well as smart marketing strategies.

No matter how attractive the design is or how you brand your products or how effective your SEO strategy is, if you do not optimize your conversion rate, all your hard work will be wasted. Magento speed influences conversion rate by turning visitors into customers. Therefore, this increases the sales and revenue of your e-commerce store. Now, it’s important to know how to manage the high conversion rate. Here is good news for all the Magento store owners.  There is no need to develop a complex and time-consuming strategy for your stores. A few simple tactics can increase the conversion rate very quickly.

What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization intends to increase the rate of your sale, technically know as conversion.

Any person who visits your store should be engaged in such a way that he is promoted to buy, and hence he converts. Your data analyzer will check how much traffic your store gains and how many people purchase.

You will be able to increase your conversion rate on your Magento website by using the right strategies for optimization leading to the development of a successful business. Thus, this process of improving the conversion rate called as a Conversion Rate Optimization.

It explains which tools to avoid in digital marketing and what should be involved in the Magento website. For the best optimizing conversion rate, you should set some goal to your site. Simply following competitors blindly will not help you to increase the conversion rate. Therefore, to gain a good conversion rate, you should think in different ways to improve your business profile and platform of e-commerce that you have chosen.

optimize the conversion rate of the Magento store

People who wish to start an e-commerce business, their priorities need to be on selling some fantastic products to enlarge their online sales.  Most of the e-commerce stores have a low conversion rate ranging from 0.5%- 3%. If you are running a Magento store of 1.9 X or 2.X version, you have to check these tools to optimize the conversion rate for Magento store.

Magento Polish Language Pack

Knowing about Magento tools and its plug-in is essential. Without education, you cannot visit the platform as you don’t understand the secrets of it. We are using the most excellent ways to analyze the code and the site speed where they manage with custom URL structure and meta descriptions. To polish your store, you need to install Magento translation. It helps to translate both for frontend and backend of your e-commerce Magento store. More than 8400+ translation phrases have been added to the platform, and they assist in targeting polish customers. Adding new features or performance enhancements improve your user interface.

Creating Scarcity Marketing Tactics

Many merchants attempt to increase the conversion rate of Magento e-commerce store by offering various deals and offers. However, many customers miss out on those deals because many tend to engage in window shopping where they click on multiple links to look for different products and end up by buying nothing. Most of the customers think that they can purchase the products later. In this way, Magneto loses most of its customers which leads to a low conversion rate of Magento e-commerce store.

You can resolve it by creating scarcity and showing urgency to the customers. In that case, you can notify customers that offer ends in an hour, and they run to click the button quickly. Thus, that is a simple psychology trick executed on most of the customers as they don’t want to lose on such deals. So, scarcity and wish never would fail and also play a vital role in online shopping.

If you wish to hire a development service provider for your Magento store, they provide best tools to design your online store also use scarcity and urgency tactics to increase the conversion rate of your Magento e-commerce store.

Track user behaviour on Magneto store

By making use of analytics, you will be able to obtain detailed information about customers behaviour on your e-commerce store. It becomes easy to track the customers shopping and purchasing behaviour in your Magento store. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the website traffic by the users on your Magento store. It will assist you in knowing what exactly the users want. Then they begin creating targeted messages by sending the right customers at the right time. Thus, it encourages and guides customers to take steps in sending emails to deliver a clear message to the end user. Retailers should improve your e-commerce website and attract users to increase the conversion rate of your store.

Customers safety is primary

Safety plays a vital role in online shopping. A customer needs to feel comfortable and believes that his money is safe. Now it’s e-commerce website responsibility to build the trust of your customers. That means a website should look powerful, bright and well organized. People who are on your site has to know the contact details so that there is a traditional approach of reaching you physically or over the phone. Place this address on the footer side. Therefore, customers can notice whenever they visit your e-commerce Magento store. You should maintain secure transactions for checkouts, so provide secured socket layer (SSL) services on your website where the operations are safe and secure. However, you should mention SSL on the top of your site where safety measures lead to secure transactions.

live chat to answer customer queries

Shoppers find a chance to abandon, once customers notice that they were unable to see the proper information about the product they are looking for. So, this a particular reason why live chat can be so useful. 73% of the service channels shows that live chat gives the highest satisfaction for any customer. 61% of them are for email and 44% for the phone. Based on a survey, BoldChat found that following a live chat conversation, 31% of US and UK consumers are happy to purchase goods on their stores.

One of the e-commerce store owners added live chat to his store, and he found a 40% rise in the conversion rate of the store. It happens just because they answered queries about shipping and product dimensions in such a way that users stick on the product page. They used the Olark chat box, which contains an existing Magento module. It is a real-time channel used to chat with the customer. Olark Chatbox is one of the effective ways to increase the conversion rate of the Magento store.