What happens if you don’t Migrate to Magento 2 after June 2020?

All the e-commerce merchant on Magento 1, received a mail from Magento Adobe Company warning them that the free version of Magento will end of life by June 2020. Is it just about Magento 1, or we will never see Magento free versions again?

If you continue running a business on Magento 1

If you want to use Magento 1 after June 2020, it may be a risky process.  It is like attracting different kinds of vulnerabilities to your store. You may pay for the credibility and reputation that you have to build from years. You can find some disadvantages of staying on Magento 1 even after June 2020.

  1. Patches include several security updates. If you don’t install security patches, it means your store provides attackers to gain access to your store and allows them to hijack your store.
  2. It’s not an easy task to find the right extensions for your online store. They help in boosting sales and increases the conversion rate.
  3. It will be easy for hackers to steal customers personal information like payments and other essential details.
  4. There are very fewer agencies who work with Magento 1. Even their fare is pretty high, and the scope for negotiation is very less.

How will this affect my store

Maintain Magneto’s security patches and with an excellent hosting solution. It is always essential to run your security check and as well as to audit your site regularly.

Remember that Magneto will continue to release their security patches until 2020. After that, you will not find any new features or even quality fixes released for Magento 1 Open source from now.

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