Which E-Commerce Businesses Are Booming In 2019?

Planning to start a new business? Whether you belong to a business-pro family or you are going entrepreneurial following a passion, it will be wise to do in-depth market research on what is trendy locally.

It’s halfway through 2019 and we have done some research ourselves to see what kind of businesses are flourishing in the age of e-commerce. These products and services have a steady demand and hence, you can expect to have a good customer base. 

Here is a small list:

#1 Online Grocery and Foods

Whether a user is looking for healthy food or comfort food, these days, rarely ever would he take a walk down the lane nearby to satisfy hunger or gratify cravings. What he does, is ask Siri to find him some food – he goes online; he looks for an e-commerce site that sells food. And there lies your business opportunity. If you are an expert in any specific cuisine you can invest your resources in a food business. You can do the same with a fusion of preferred food choices of your target customer base. A little bit of creativity along with health and taste can never go in vain.

The business opportunities hold good for grocery items as well. Even after a trip to the supermarket (which many would like to skip as well), it is not uncommon that a user needs more items in his home. 

#2 Smart Home Products

Space, time and effort optimization is trending in home environments. Homeowners want to make then aesthetically pleasing and functionally smart. Smart home products like multipurpose adaptable furniture, smart kitchenwares are in high demand. Businesses who deal in such products are running out of stock fast. The demand is higher than supply. 

This is your chance to step into the market with a whole range of smart home products and accessories. No doubt, your business will boom with quality products, good marketing, and pleasant user experience.

#3 Smart Watches

With mobile phones encompassing more and more technology, they have become bigger and more exquisite and, naturally, more expensive. Understandably, people are looking out for a more handy device that would assist them in the most basics. Here come smartwatches! Gives time, temperature, location, fitness apps, cellular and connectivity – just enough functionality when using a cellphone actively is inconvenient. 

Smartwatches are trending today and we can expect them to stay relevant for a long time in the future. It can be a very good idea for a startup.

#4 Online Learning Platforms

Skills are very important in today’s versatile world. No matter what kind of livelihood one has, he can always use an extra skill to grow in their workplace or in his personal life. And with a smartphone in each hand, they reach out to various online platforms to get lessons on a skill. If you have enough resources to teach a skill or guide someone on how to acquire a particular skill and if you can frame it in easy-learning sections, an online training/teaching platform might be the best business for you. But at this business, before you start, make a plan on how you will make your courses better or different or more interesting as compared to the competing businesses.

#5 Electronic Accessories Store

In the world of digital information and digital entertainment, we are always surrounded by our gadgets. Our quest for better technologies and comfortable electronic accessories is non-ending. And answering to our demand, need and curiosity, the tech-heads are always coming up with newer designs and better features. Hence, as you would imagine, the electronic accessories e-commerce stores are busy in business. 

If you are a tech-head yourself or you would like to pursue your passion for technology, an e-commerce store that sells headsets, AR/VR equipment, apps & games, etc. can be a good fit for you. 

#6 Fashion Jewelry

If you are trying your hands at entrepreneurial luck, a fashion store may be a good start. Fashion is always trendy. (Duh!) But unlike before, now, many users prefer to shop online rather than going to a store – saves a lot of time and effort. You can count on your users to appreciate and use a new fashion trend or stock up on the evergreen ones as well. You can entice them with both fusion and ethnic. Apparels, footwear, jewelry, and accessories put together can give you a very good scope for business. And if you want to make it a bit challenging, you just have to deal in just one of them.

#7 Gift Baskets

There always an occasion – birthday, Christmas, ethnic appreciation, house warming, retirement, and what not? And every time there’s an occasion, what we ‘absolutely hate to’ but ‘just have to’ do is buy a gift. Every person goes through the same dilemma when it comes to making a formal gift. You can save them the trouble if you choose to start a gift basket business. You can obviously include baskets with generic things like flower, wine, coffee, chocolate, candles, soft toys, stylish baskets, etc. Plus, you can give them an open space to make their own basket as per the selection of items available in your store. Users prefer gift baskets not only because it saves time but also because of the value it brings when the items are put together. In addition, you can give your baskets creative decor to raise the aesthetic essence.

If you were to start a business in one from the list above, which one would you choose? And why? Tell us in the comments below.