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Site migration is a major decision. If you’re ready to transition from  Magento open-source platforms, Exinent can make your move to Adobe Commerce Cloud migration much simpler. We’ll introduce you to the benefits of a cloud-based e-commerce infrastructure, shift your database, design a brand-new user interface and launch your site without disrupting your business.

Why Choose Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Integration

Adobe Commerce integrates seamlessly with Adobe’s range of other cloud-based tools. Track trends with Adobe Analytics Cloud, publish Ads with Adobe Advertising Cloud and promote products with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Scalable and Robust

Big brands use Adobe Commerce Cloud because it’s a scalable platform with enterprise-level functionality. Adobe Commerce Cloud’s robust architecture makes it a lightweight choice for larger sites.

SEO Friendly

Adobe Commerce Cloud comes with a host of built-in SEO tools. Improve your sales funnel, grow traffic and improve your conversion rate with organic search options and paid media channels.

Exinent Adobe Commerce Migration

Move to the most robust Magento-based e-commerce platform on the planet and watch your conversions surge. At Exinent, we’re focused about Adobe Cloud Commerce migration for better equipping our customers to leverage the complete benefits of the platform. With our Agile Migration process, you can:

  • Migrate from Magento 1 to Adobe Cloud Commerce
  • Move from Magento Open Source to Adobe Cloud Commerce
  • Streamline your database to boost site speed
  • Upgrade extensions and integrations
  • Improve your existing sales funnel

Exinent’s Custom Adobe Commerce Migration solutions help you leverage the complete benefits of the Adobe platform, and drive transformative changes in your E-Commerce Business. To know more on how we can make a difference — get in touch with us today at 919-425-5959.

Step 1: Planning

Before we begin your Adobe Commerce Cloud migration, we analyze your current site. We collaborate with you to find out what you like — and what you don’t like — about your existing architecture and your current user interface. After that, we draft an in-depth pre-migration report, and we discuss what will and won’t transition from your existing site to your new Adobe Commerce Cloud site.

Step 2: Database Migration

Next, we copy all the existing data — products, images, customers, reviews and CMS pages — from your existing database and paste it into a brand-new MySQL database. This is the ideal time to purge obsolete data from your back end. The less old data you have in your database, the less cloud-based storage space you’ll need and the less time your backups will take.

Step 3: Custom Features

Got website features you love and want to keep? Some of them might not migrate directly to Adobe Commerce Cloud — but we can fix that. Our full-stack development team handles both front-end and back-end design, so we’ll build brand-new extensions and integrations that emulate your old favorites.

Step 4: Design and Deployment

After migrating your database and organizing custom features, we design a brand-new storefront for your website. We’ll use or update your current branding to reflect your mission, implement an intuitive navigation framework and create eye-catching graphics that load quickly to boost conversions. Finally, we organize hosting, link your database and front end, connect integrations and extensions and deploy your new site.

Make Exinent Your Adobe Commerce Migration Partner

If you’re ready to make the switch from Magento 1 or Magento Open Source to Adobe Cloud Commerce, we’d love to help. We’ll plan your transition, deploy your new site and maintain your online presence to keep you on the cutting edge. Why not get in touch online or talk to us at (919)425-5959 about your project today?



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