Magento Migration


E-commerce platform transitions are a big deal. At Exinent, we make Magento migration simple. If you want to switch to Magento from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Wix or Volusion, we’ll handle everything. You benefit from a safe, seamless site transition with zero downtime and no loss of revenue.

Why Magento ?


Top-tier Magento features include responsive themes, essential commerce tools and comprehensive payment gateway management.


Some of the world’s biggest brands use Magento because it’s a scalable platform and it can handle exponential growth.

Search Engine Friendly

Magento is SEO friendly right out of the box, and it supports the custom modifications that drive high-level SEO strategy.

Exinent offers Custom Migration Services for:

  • Shopify to Magento migration
  • OpenCart to Magento migration
  • WooCommerce to Magento migration
  • BigCommerce to Magento migration
  • Prestashop to Magento migration
magento migration

Make Exinent Your Magento Migration Company

Magento 2 migration doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Exinent take care of everything — from planning to deployment — and reap the benefits of a brand-new, ultra-responsive Magento site.

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Our Migration Process

Step 1: Planning

We begin any Magento migration with a thorough analysis of your existing site. Then we liaise with you to find out what you love — and don’t love — about your current site. We compare current and potential features in a detailed pre-migration report, and we explain what can and can’t transition from your existing site to your future site.

Step 2: Database Migration

Next, we migrate data — including products, images, categories, customers, reviews and CMS pages — from your existing e-commerce platform database to a brand new MySQL database. If you have any obsolete information in your current database, now’s the ideal time to let it go. The less obsolete data you have in your database, the quicker your backups will be.

Step 3: Custom Features

Some of your favorite website features might not migrate directly to a Magento framework. Don’t worry, though: Our full-stack team of developers can handle both front-end and back-end design. We’ll build brand-new integrations and extensions to reproduce essential features, and we’ll line up APIs to connect them to your new site.

Step 4: Design and Deployment

Finally, we create a brand-new front-end design for your website. We maintain your branding, generate crisp, quick-loading graphics and develop intuitive navigation to improve your sales funnel. We organize hosting, and then we link your database to your storefront, connect your custom features and deploy your new site.

Your Dedicated

Magento Migration Services

Exinent Magento Migration

Switch to the world’s most powerful e-commerce platform and drive conversions with a flexible, scalable enterprise-quality site. Make Exinent your Magento 2 migration service and take the hassle out of your next transition.

  Migrate from Magneto 1 to Magneto 2

  Switch from your current platform to Magneto

 Offload obsolete data to boost site speed and Magneto PHP

  Upgrade extensions and integration

  Improve your existing sales funnel

For more details on how we can help you with your Magento Migration requirements, do get in touch with us at 919-425-5959, and see how we can make a difference.



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