Comprehensive Magento Audits

Is your Magento website performing optimally? If it isn’t, you might be losing traffic and missing out on conversions. Exinent’s Magento site audit includes a full code review, database integrity check and third-party extension analysis. We’ll reveal potential security risks, uncover UI or UX issues and determine ways to make your website faster and secure.

Why Choose Exinent for a Magento Site Audit

If you need an experienced Magento Site Audit, Exinent can offer quality and complete service.


Our Magento site audit is a fully comprehensive process, and we use way markers to ensure we don’t miss anything. When we’re done, you’ll receive a free in-depth report about site performance-with no strings attached.


We don’t use automation to draw conclusions. Instead, members of our team — including UX developers, UI developers and Quality Assurance experts — scrutinize every part of your site.

Results- Focused

Whenever we find issues, we suggest solutions — and we’ll work with you to ensure they improve site performance and security. We’re only successful when you are.

Tuned for Optimization

Our Magento Audit process identifies the critical areas of your site that require optimization, and reports on the best possible ways to resolve them to tune your website’s performance.

Magento Site Audit Services

Benefits of using Magento Site Audits

A Magento site audit helps you understand the performance of your website and know all the technical issues that are hampering its full potential.

Connect Manager Audit

This is where you manage your Magento extensions and modules. Make sure that only authorized personnel have access to this area, and that all extension and module installations are properly logged.

The Magento Database

This is where all of your website’s data is stored. Be sure to keep regular backups of your database, and restrict access to only those who absolutely need it.

Admin Panel

This is the control panel for your entire Magento website. Again, make sure that only authorized personnel have access, and that all actions taken on the panel are properly logged.

Magento File System

This is where all of your website’s files are stored. As with the database, be sure to keep regular backups of your files, and restrict access to only those who absolutely need it.

Exinent Magento Development Partner

Magento site audit made easy. With our Magento developers, you will have peace of mind knowing your website is safe from vulnerabilities and optimized for conversion. We are an Exinent Magento Development Partner and we can help you with a site audit.

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Exinent’s Magento 2 Development Services are second to none. We develop responsive and mobile-friendly sites using Magento 2 and help companies re-platform from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Exinent also offers Adobe Commerce Cloud Development Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you have more questions. Exinent provides a free consultation as well a free Magento audit.

For small to medium businesses looking to build an online store, Magento 2 open-source version would be the ideal solution on a Magento optimized hosting service. Our Magento 2 development service includes comprehensive online store development for your business, with the latest features, required extensions, and custom branding options for your online store.

Our Magento 2 Development Services have enabled numerous small and medium businesses to get the advantage of having a custom E-Commerce site to take their business online with high performance, stability, security, and ease of usage.

After Adobe acquired Magento in 2018, Magento Commerce is now offered as Adobe Commerce Cloud. Adobe will support and maintain the Magento open-source version as a part of its E-Commerce offerings, with the cloud-based version now being called the Adobe Commerce Cloud. Apart from Magento 2 Development Services, Exinent also offers custom Adobe Commerce Development and migration.

Our Magento 2 Development Services include the below aspects:


  • Comprehensive assessment of your business needs
  • A Roadmap strategy to build and deploy your Magento store
  • Custom UI/UX to resonate with your brand
  • Adding required extensions as per your functional requirements
  • Custom Extension development
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Testing before the go-live
  • Website Deployment
  • Performance Tuning
  • Support and Training
Yes, our Magento migration services enable migration of your site to Magento from different E-Commerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify amongst others.
At Exinent, we endeavor not to build an E-Commerce website but to enable you to have a successful online storefront. Our decade of experience in Magento Development, Support, and Maintenance gives you the perfect advantage to choose us as your technology partner. We are based in the US and have a certified team of Magento developers who can take care of your custom requirements. Exinent has hundreds of satisfied customers who had availed our Magento Development and Support Services and have a successful and high-performing E-Commerce storefront as per their custom requirements.
Our Magento 2 Development Services enable rapid building and deploying your online storefront. The duration of the development depends on a host of factors such as your inventory, custom UI/UX, and adding required extensions to fully equip your site. Our agile Magento 2 Development Services ensure an optimal development process that is designed to give you the best advantage in having a speedy development process that aligns with your business goals.

If you are running on the older version of Magento 1.x, now is the time to upgrade to Magento 2.x, else you stand to lose on customers and payment gateway integration-as the older version is no longer being supported for security patches and updates.

Exinent offers comprehensive Magento 2.x upgrade services for businesses running on the old version of the platform. You would not need to build your site from scratch by using our Magento 2 Development process but can avail our speedy upgrade services for using the Magento 2.x version.

Yes, our Magento Development Services include support after the launch of the website. For extended support, you can choose our flexible maintenance and support packages offered monthly.

Our Magento 2 Development Services include training for managing your site with the ease to use backend application that Magento offers. For larger sites, we recommend having an in-house Magento team, who can benefit from our training services.

Yes, our Magento 2 Development Services include UI/UX and theme customization that reflects your branding specification.

One of the most important features of Magento is its easy-to-use backend application that enables you to manage your products, orders, inventory, payments, shipping, and many more. Our Magento 2 Development Services also include a training session on using the backend of the website to manage your site.

Yes, our Magento 2 Development Services include the addition of necessary security extensions and development best practices to make your site secure.

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Our full-stack Magento Website development team will take care of every aspect of your site, from back-end development to consumer-facing design.

  • Elaina C
    Great Magento partners! We are able to quickly make enhancements and advance our site forward within a quick timeframe. Would highly recommend!
    Elaina C
  • LuxPro
    Exinent made the migration to Magento 2 fairly seamless. They were responsive to questions, concerns and even took calls after hours and on the weekends. The company who managed our web platform before Exinent was not as responsive or thorough in their fixes.
  • TSM South, Inc
    Exinent has exceeded all expectations. They manage all three of our company's websites and provide full server hosting at an affordable rate. Their team responds quickly with full resolve. They are the Magento experts and are highly recommended!
    TSM South, Inc
  • Frank P
    I have been working with Exinent for 4 years. The team is excellent to work with and have accomplished many projects along with ongoing maintenance for my Magento site. We are currently working on a migration plan to Magento 2.x and can't wait to get started. I can't recommend them enough.
    Frank P

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