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Is your Magento website performing optimally? If it isn’t, you might be losing traffic and missing out on conversions. Exinent’s Magento site audit includes a full code review, database integrity check and third-party extension analysis. We’ll reveal potential security risks, uncover UI or UX issues and determine ways to make your website faster and secure.

Why Choose Exinent for a Magento Site Audit

Comprehensive: Our Magento site audit is a fully comprehensive process, and we use way markers to ensure we don’t miss anything. When we’re done, you’ll receive a free in-depth report about site performance-with no strings attached.

Human-Led: We don’t use automation to draw conclusions. Instead, members of our team — including UX developers, UI developers and Quality Assurance experts — scrutinize every part of your site.

Results- Focused: Whenever we find issues, we suggest solutions — and we’ll work with you to ensure they improve site performance and security. We’re only successful when you are.

Tuned for Optimization: Our Magento Audit process identifies the critical areas of your site that require optimization, and reports on the best possible ways to resolve them to tune your website’s performance.

Evolved with Best Practices: Our Magento Audit process is elaborate and has evolved with our Magento maintenance best practices that we have followed over the years and brings in our decade-long experience in handling Magento website performance issues.


Magento Audits

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Magento Site Audit Services 

Slower site, unstable performance, security issues and poor conversions-does this sound like how your website is?

We at Exinent are here to give you a comprehensive audit and a roadmap to improve all aspects of your site that need attention.

The best part is that it’s FREE-with no strings attached!

Do Contact us for a free Magento site audit that covers the below aspects and get the right direction for a high-performing site.

Code architecture review includes a thorough check on the core and custom code of the Magento application. It’s often seen that modifying the core code to make functional changes on the website causes performance issues and a lack of compatibility with newer Magento versions.

Our Magento site audit identifies those vulnerable changes and gives you recommendations on improving the modified custom code or following a modular approach to enable the required functionality. This ensures that your custom code no longer impacts the performance of your Magento site.

Exinent’s Magento site audit process also ensures that your code confirms current Magento and PHP coding standards with best practice recommendations to ensure that your Magento website complies with the required coding norms.

Our Magento site audit also includes an audit of the underlying Magento database- checking for issues in performance and security and giving best practice recommendations to optimize and refine your Magento database.

Having a fast-loading site is the foremost requirement for creating a better user experience and improving conversions. Our Magento site audit involves a thorough analysis of all the factors that impact the loading speed. It includes code review, performance of third-party extensions, custom features, and checkout page optimization recommendations to ensure that you have a high-performing site to boost conversions.

Our Magento site audit checks your website’s vulnerability for being compromised. This includes assessment of your website and server’s security for XSS, code and SQL injection, brute-force attacks and other factors that could make your site prone to malicious attacks.

Our Magento site audit gives you a comprehensive analysis on how you can safeguard your site from being compromised with best practices for optimal website security. We’ll ensure that your site and customer data is fully protected and make your website safe and secure.

Our Magento site audit process checks all your custom and third-party extensions to ensure that they follow the required coding standards and check for areas that require improvement. Our best practice recommendations give you a roadmap for optimizing your extensions to equip your site with the desired functionalities-without any bottlenecks.

High-converting Magento sites have a specific list of features in common. We compare items from that list against your site’s characteristics to determine opportunities for improvement. Successful e-commerce sites load quickly, have intuitive interfaces, use simple navigation menus, have optimized product descriptions, and make it easy to check out.

Exinent also offers custom Magento site audits as per your requirements-which could be the performance of a new extension, feature or functionality, security, or any other aspect of your site that you wish to be specifically checked for.

Exinent Magento Performance Check

If you’re struggling with a slow site or a traffic decline — or if you’re frustrated with a low conversion rate — find answers and solutions with a Magento audit.

To find out more about Exinent’s auditing services, or to see a free Magento site audit demonstration, get in touch with us today at 919-425-5959.

We help you get answers for:

  • Why is my Magento site slow?
  • Why is traffic declining?
  • Why are conversions low?
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Is the Magneto site audit free, or are there any strings attached?

Our Magento site audit is a free service that we offer. There are absolutely no strings attached, and you can get the issues fixed from any other agency, or from us.  We have audited hundreds of Magento sites and offered our recommendations on areas of improvement.

Why should I choose Exinent for a free Magento site audit?

Exinent has been at the forefront of Magento development and support services over the past decade. We have enabled hundreds of e-tailers to have an online E-Commerce website and get optimal benefits from our solutions. Backed by a Magento certified development team, we ensure that you get a cost and value-driven advantage when you choose us as your Magento technology partner.

To get started on how you can benefit from us, do sign-up for a free Magento site audit that will lay the roadmap for improving the performance of your site.

I have recently added a new extension, and see my website’s performance dipping? How can a Magento site audit help?

The Magento site audit will evaluate the performance of the extension, to check its functionality and interaction with the core Magento code. It gives insights into what changes need to be made to make the extension work optimally.

It may also be possible that the extension is incompatible with your Magento site or gets affected by other extensions being used. Rest assured, our Magento site audit gives you a complete overview and recommendations to get the optimal benefit from the extensions being used.

Will the Magento site audit cover all extensions, themes and plugins used on the site?

Yes, our Magento site audit covers an in-depth performance analysis of your themes, extensions and plugins, and identifies potential upgrades, gives recommendations on removing bugs, aplying latest security patches, and resolving compatibility issues.

My site seems to be slow, how will a Magento audit help?

Speed issues are one of the most common reasons that affect the performance of the site, with an impact on your conversions, as well as bringing in poor customer experience. Our Magento site audit identifies issues with your current server, checks for latest upgrades and features and the possibility of using a caching tool such as Varnish to improve the performance of your site

Does the Magento site audit include a SEO check on the website?

Exinent’s Magento site audit does not include a comprehensive SEO check, but we check into other parameters such as page density, slow-loading images, slower checkout page errors, amongst others. The recommendations from our Magento site audit help you better understand the common SEO pitfalls that affect the ranking and performance of your site.

My online store has a lot of abandoned orders. Will the site audit find the root cause?

Our Free Magento site audit will focus on the checkout page, its density, complexity, and integration with other extensions-so that we can better judge the reason for abandoned orders. Orders are abandoned generally due to checkout page issues, so we put a focus on that aspect during our Magento site audits. Our recommendations help you optimize your site to improve conversions and reduce cart abandonments.

My Magento store runs on the 1.x version. Does the Magento site audit include the older versions?

Magento 1.x is no longer a supported version and has been sunset. You can have a whole lot of implications while running the retired version. Though our Free Magento site audit will also be done for the 1.x version, we highly recommend moving to the latest 2.4 version. In fact, around the time when Magento 1.x was sunset, we offered a flexible upgrade plan to users running on Magento 1.x during the pandemic.

My Magento store database seems bloated and has never been optimized? Does your Free Magento site audit include a database check?

Our Magento site audits include a comprehensive database check to ensure that there are no errors and identifies issues within the database that affect the performance and security.

I need a complete security check for my site. Do you offer custom Magento site audits?

Security check is the primary focus of our Magento site audit. If you choose to, you can also have a custom audit that checks the website’s security on a granular basis. Our Magento site audit involves a thorough check on all the security parameters of the site, third-party APIs, file and folder permissions, the checkout process, and other vulnerable areas of your site which can be compromised by malicious attempts to gain control of your site.

Our Magento site audit also gives best practice recommendations to identify and resolve issues that can affect the security of your site.

Does your Magento site audit suggest solutions for faster checkouts?

Yes, our Free Magento site audit covers that. There are a lot of reasons for a checkout page to get slow-which could be issues with its integration with other extensions, high code density, and multiple third-party APIs for shipping amongst others.

I have issues with slow loading pages. Will the Magento site audit detect the reason?

Our Magento site audit looks into each page of your website, checking for excess JavaScript code, third-party integrations, image size and other page parameters that cause a slow loading page.

My website has a lot of custom code. Will it affect the performance of the site?

Custom code need not always impact the performance of the page. However, if used improperly, it can affect the site. Our Free Magento site audit analyses the custom code on the site and checks for its functionality and gives you recommendation on using an alternate approach, or by optimizing your custom code.

My Magento store has a lot of JavaScript code, can that be optimized, and will it impact the performance of the site?

JavaScript determines how the page would be loaded, along with other essential elements of the page. Our Magento audit service includes a comprehensive audit of the JS codes within the page, along with suggestions to make it leaner. As a best practice, we recommend that dense JavaScript code needs to be placed at the bottom of the page, so that it doesn’t affect the loading process of the page. Choose a Magento site audit to know more about how this can affect the performance of your website.

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