There are many factors that go into your search engine rankings, but loading speed is one thing that will cause you to lose serious points with the search engines. For businesses that use Magento, losing traffic is losing money. Our Magento Optimized Hosting solutions are developed with speed in mind–we make it a priority.

Why Choose Exinent 

Not all web hosting services are created equal. Magento Optimized Hosting is a fully customized service that’s designed to ensure the optimal performance of a Magento Website. We at Exinent have almost a decade of experience enhancing websites of many varieties with proven results. Different clients have different needs, and our goal is to make sure that the solutions we offer fit them to the best.

Faster website loading: We make sure that your website is 2X faster than any other hosting service, which will improve your usability.

Security is our top priority: We create a security checklist which will be monitored on regular basis to ensure your Magento store security.

360-degree monitoring: Our Team will continuously monitor Magento server health in terms of performance, downtime, security etc.


 Magento-Optimized Hosting

Hosting matters for Magento 2 page speed optimization and for Magento 2 mobile speed optimization. Desktop and mobile Magento sites hosted on slow servers simply don’t perform as well as sites hosted on ultra-fast systems. Less responsive sites have higher bounce rates and don’t convert as well as quicker sites.

Dedicated servers provide the best Magento-optimized hosting solutions. Exinent’s Magento hosting packages include dedicated IP addresses, CDN access and SSL certificates to ensure security. Exinent clients also get 24/7 support from top-rated Magento experts.

 Exinent Magento Hosting Benefits

Some Magento 2 speed optimization services outpace the competition. Exinent is an industry leader — and here’s why:

  • Industry experience. We have a decade of optimization experience — in other words, we know how to make Magento sing.
  • Customizable hosting. Our hosting packages are fully customizable to suit your business needs.
  • 24/7 support. Our hosting packages include round-the-clock support. We’re approachable and responsive — and we stand behind our product.

Exinent Magento Site Speed Optimization Services

Are you ready to find out more about speed optimization in Magento 2? Exinent’s Magento-centric hosting services deliver speed, reliability and robust security, all of which can help your store succeed. Get in touch with us at 919-425-5959 today to learn more about what we can do for you.



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