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“Experience has been great.”

“Being a small e-commerce business it has been a struggle to find responsive and competent support for the management and development of our website. So far our experience with Exinent has been great – very responsive and they have handled our issues promptly and professionally. Very pleased!”

Mike Morrissey

“Only regret not finding them sooner.”

“Adi Poli at Exinent has provided an exceptional job for CommGear. The pricing is very fair, and the projects are completed well within time. What would have been difficult for one designer, is easily accomplished by Exinent. Our eCommerce website is now secure and updated. If an issue arises, expect it to be resolved with a quick email within hours. Our business depends on that reliability and we are looking forward to more projects with Adi and Exinent. She has given us such a vote of confidence with every task that the only regret we have is not finding her services sooner.”

Jason Mainardi

“Excited to move on to fun projects.”

“Exinent was able to fix my recurring website issues that my previous development team had been trying to solve for months but couldn’t. I’m so excited to now be able to move on to the fun site enhancement projects I had been putting off for so long while we kept putting out fires.”

Lori Hardy

Communication is Our North Star

Our full stack development services are tailored to your needs based these guidelines:

Your Needed Frequency

Immediate help or monthly maintenance options available.

On Your Timeline

eCom never sleeps and neither do we. Escalate issues as they arise and we handle the rest.

Within Your Budget

Timely support that won’t break the bank.

Integrate successfully with your team and operations

Every client is different. We take the time to match our services and communication to your needs.

Custom Magento Support Packages

Every store is unique and so are the solutions. We offer monthly or annual support packages that fit your store’s needs.

Magento Emergency Support

We move as quickly as possible to solve your most pressing needs.

Magento Emergency Support

We move as quickly as possible to solve your most pressing needs.

Magento Installation

Installing Magento? We’ve completed over 100+ Magento installations on budget and on deadline to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Magento Security Patches

Worry-free update process that keeps your site fast and secure.

Magento Security Patches

Worry-free update process that keeps your site fast and secure.

Ongoing 24/7 Emergency Support

eCom never sleeps and neither to we. Escalate issues as they arise and we’ll handle the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each eCommerce store is different, so we customize each contract per the client’s needs.

At high-level, our support contract includes: site monitoring and restoration if needed, website speed monitoring, weekly security and server vulnerability scans/fixes, extensions release upgrades, logs review (and take actions accordingly), server caches and logs cleanup, security patches installation, and minor Magento versions upgrades.

We will review your current Magento site setup and extensions, existing integrations, any recurring issues you are facing, and anything else that may be relevant to you specifically.

We can start within 24 to 48 hours of the 1st milestone payment.

We believe in OVER communication — or meeting your communication needs. We will have pre-scheduled weekly, bi-monthly or monthly calls to discuss about any open tickets, upcoming promotions, and any new plugins/features that Exinent thinks that might work well for your business. We will also integrate into your workflows (adopting any project management sites you use, etc.).

We believe in personal attention. From the initial call to until we’re officially working together, you will have one account manager and one technical manager who will be on every scheduled call and also available on-call as needed. That way, you’ll always have the same points of contact who are familiar with the history of your account. This helps speed up any issues resolution as well as giving you familiar voices who already know your business front to back.

We can include a fixed block of hours as part of the maintenance based on your needs, which you can use towards developing new features on your site.

After receiving your login credentials, we will conduct our assessment and schedule a call to go over the results and provide a budget.

Billed by Milestones or Phases – 50% charged up-front

Exinent is a full-stack Magento Specialized Development agency with over 13 years of Magento Expertise. We do not work on any other platforms to provide the utmost quality of support and Magento advice that you are looking for from your development team.

We have learned over the years that no Magento store is created equal, so… why should we expect you to invest in something that you don’t need? We are adaptive to whatever your requirements are, and we can craft our solutions to align with your objectives.

Once we complete our 48-hour assessment, we can give you a more concrete time frame estimation.

Easy complexity can take from 4-6 weeks; these have no integrations or heavy customizations.

Medium complexity – 8 to 12 weeks; minimal integrations with light customizations.

Complex sites we have found take 16 to 24 weeks; includes complex integrations and heavy customizations.

  1. The code assessment gives us a clear understanding of current infrastructure and/or codebase
  2. Integrations (ERP, CRM etc.), customizations
  3. Process FTP server access
    1. NDA signed by both Exinent and Client
    2. The client will whitelist IP and provide access
  4. Magento admin panel access (client will provide)
  5. How many extensions are on the site
  6. Keep, migrate, or inactive?

Exinent does not assume responsibility for the costs of any third party extensions or subscriptions.

Option one — Exinent can provide you with the budget or cost for all extensions so you can settle internally.

Option two — We can build the total cost into the proposal and agreement.

Yes; we will all sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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