Setting up an e-commerce store is the first step toward your entrepreneurship. Once digital commerce is successfully launched, increasing sales and growing market share is a tight and tough deal to crack. A constant marketing goal can undoubtedly give rise to sales, but the competition is not easy. However, there are many products that are just a click away, it becomes very crucial to figure out the best brand that stands out from the crowd.

So, raising sales isn’t as burdensome as it may sound. Thus, working one’s fingers to the bone throughout the process is unnecessary. Effectively, a proper roadmap, with targeted technical approaches and once and for all a combined effort of the team, can make this happen in a time that you might wonder.

Here are 10 tips to increase your e-commerce sales and rule out others to stand iconically. These tips will help you rule the market share and develop a sense of trust among consumers, which is essential to carry out the enterprise eventually.

10 best tips to increase e-commerce sales:

1. Target audience:

Whenever you need to reach your buyer target, it is important to gather information about who your target audience is. Thus, creating a buyer image is a crucial sales tactic. This is the foremost step in stepping up and developing a marketing strategy.

An ideal buyer should possess at least the following information:

  • Who is your consumer? This means general information about job, family conditions, and whom they contact.
  • How can the buyers benefit from the company? Talking about the benefits, relates to the primary, secondary, or any tertiary objectives and their challenges.
  • The reason behind the consumer’s interest is important. For example, the motivation when they choose the product and services.
  • Finally, how you should reach your customers is another crucial question. So, figure out the best marketing and sales messages to help you reach the consumers. Also, find out the best platforms from which they can be contacted.

Hence, if you have an active e-commerce website, then a useful guide to building up your ideal buyer image is to check Google Analytics. This demographic analysis is about everything, like age, gender identification, area of interest, and the most sought profiles.

2. Set an engaging price:

With the evolution of the market, it is essential to monitor and adjust the product prices constantly. Launch promotions to stand out from the competition. Thus, lacking a diversified, fixed, and effective pricing blueprint can keep you behind and your own personal goals.

This can be done by setting an engaging price through IP geolocation. The IP geolocation can let you analyze website traffic and suggest some specialized prices based on the data one possesses. Offer different pricing breakdowns, else there is a risk of losing profits. So, it is important to consider tax rates and other varying demographic pricing statistics.

You can also hold IP data sets to match up and increase e-commerce sales. For example, a person from India can take interest in cricket-related products whereas, in the US, people may take more interest in ice hockey.

As a result, it can lead to happier and more satisfied customers with good profit shares. Hence, increased e-commerce sales.

3. Promotional campaigns for social networking sites:

Today the presence of social networks has made things easier, communicable, and reach to mass scale more effectively. Hence, it is essential to be present on every social media platform to drift traffic and drive sales to e-commerce stores.

This advanced tip not only makes your presence at a broader level but also engages audiences, influencers, and expansion of your brand and its awareness.

This is also true that every social media has its own type of users, with strengths and weaknesses. For example, Tik Tok might be a great platform for celebrities’ endorsement and promotion of products, but Facebook and Instagram are such platforms where these endorsements can give you some return.

Thus, understanding your customers and their specific habits can keep you informed and hence, result in ecommerce success.

There are numerous tools, social media content marketing, and listening can make this ecommerce journey a successful one.

4. Generate scarcity:

The next useful tip to engross your e-commerce sales is creating a sense of scarcity that will create an urgency for buying the product. If you cannot transform the e-commerce store, it is necessary to increase e-commerce sales. Thus notify the users to aim at a limited-time offer. If this offer is not availed today, it can let you go to losses. This is the best ad copywriting tool to encourage customers.

So, once you decide to promote a sense of urgency, it is necessary to display it on the homepage of your e-commerce website. Also, launch Ad campaigns on social media platforms too and create a landing page for these limited offers.

5. Maximize the use of E-mail Marketing:


Email marketing is one of the most crucial tools at present and is expanding year after year. Email marketing enables you to communicate directly with the audience. So, before starting with any adaptive strategies the following points must be noted to get yourself started:

  • Database segment:As a part of the strategy, it is crucial to have at least a set of data about your subscribers. This will help you expand your information about users’ interests and encourage personalized communication as much as possible.
  • Be quick to respond:Just like your website, your emails need to be visible on all devices. Some may have the latest engaging elements, whereas some may have texts and images to let messages go through them easily.
  • Design different tours for buyers:As soon as any user subscribes to you, it is essential to send a welcome email introducing them to your content through email marketing. If the consumer is already a paid subscriber, it is important to maintain a piece of loyalty. Thus, making their journey more understanding.

6. Offering a money back guarantee:

Running an e-commerce store is challenging on grounds of trust. As we cannot touch them physically, building trust with a few approachable hands is necessary.

Thus, a money-back guarantee not only displays the store as a reputable retailer but also builds trust and confidence in the quality of your products. However, there are some risks involved with full or half refunds. There can be e-commerce loopholes and some customers might take advantage of it as well.

However, every problem comes with a solution. So, we can put time constraints and establish certain conditions for guaranteed validation to avoid such loopholes. For this, you can seek help from the legal team to propose a guaranteed money-back policy. This will indeed help you grow your ecommerce business.

7. Use of Recommendations:

It is often seen that a whisper can create a majestic world of possibilities. This is also true for marketing tactics as well. This is a natural call when buyers trust the users more than the brand values. So, recommendations play a vital role in selling.

Thus, designing a website needs two techniques to implement the marketing tips:

  • Enable sharing option:when users are satisfied and willing to share your product feature with others then sharing option can in return produce new audiences. The sharing option will enable migrate users from different social media platforms to land on your homepage.
  • Have souvenirs and recommendations:People are usually inspired by others so; several stories can encourage new visitors to your websites to avail themselves of your products and services. How can the company benefit them better than other competitors? You can also use logos for B2B Marketing.

8. An easy ride for customers:

Customers are likely to get whatever they want with just a click away. So, it is important to make your purchase process hassle-free. To avoid this path, follow the points:

  • Easy purchase processwith less clicks but information should be provided at every level.
  • Enabling various payment modeswill help you cover all your bases to meet the customers’ preferences. Options like paying on delivery, credit, and debit cards, UPI payments.
  • Keep away from additional chargesbecause it can annoy the customers when they realize they paid more than they thought for it. Always have a clear indication about the extra charges applicable on the product.
  • Ensure low shipping cost.If possible, make shipping cost for free.
  • Have free return policiessay 28 days after the product is received. Even in any conditions, it is important to be truly clear and concise in keeping promises made to the customers.
  • Ensure quick deliverywith a specific deadline to reach the customers’ house.

9. Introduce a live chat option with a name:

Today chatbots are the new yet appealing conversational marketing tactics. These chatbots are like solving your frequently asked questions (FAQ). They also ensure a full-time customer support system, building 2-way long communications. Giving a human name personifies itself to engage increased visitors.

The AI has a tremendous ability to change questions based on past conversations. Hence it keeps the visitors on track and reduces the load on customer support agents.

10. Build and be cautious about your image:

It’s a saying that a picture speaks louder than words. It is more evident in the case of online sales and marketing. As it is impossible for the users to touch and review, it is necessary to give pictorial information about the product.

A clear 3D picture and a high-class definition video of the product will convince the users and together will help build a positive image for your e-commerce store. Thus, increasing online sales from productive buyers.


The above-mentioned tips are effective in every manner. But these tips need not be taken in the form at once. It is always important to focus on what is essential for an e-commerce store. Factors like user-friendly and mobile responsiveness is an urgent need for any e-commerce business.

Thus, boosting online sales is a never-ending task and an ever-learning process. Every step is a new way to an innovative world. So, the more your willingness to come out of wittiness and take risks, the market is open to outsmart your competitors.

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