3 New Google updates that your E-Commerce site should keep in mind

Google has been consistently updating its ranking algorithm, keeping in tune with the need for providing relevant and accurate search engine results for its users. The core algorithm has frequent updates, with the prominent changes being officially released. Have a brief look at the 3 latest Google updates released in 2021-22, and know how you need to make changes to your SEO efforts to get optimal benefits and keep your site rankings soaring.

Product Reviews Update-December 2021

The product review update will majorly analyze review sites for accuracy and usability. The update aims to identify low-quality reviews from affiliate sites and ensure that authentic review sites stand high in rankings. The primary consideration for ranking review sites would be that reviewer has actually tested or used the product and provides enough evidence in the form of visuals or videos to highlight that. This move ensures that the actual product has been reviewed, instead of just posting an expansion of its features, making it more user centric.

In addition, a review must include the below information:

  • Quantitative values that indicate the performance of the product across various parameters
  • Comparison with previous models to see how the product has evolved across time
  • Going beyond the manufacturer’s description of the product utility by providing a holistic view of the product reviewed by the author.
  • Give supportive links and multiple purchase options-which will impact low-grade reviews written just for purchasing from a single affiliate link.

What it means for your E-Commerce site

If you have been using affiliate sites to promote your products, make sure that you do not allow low-quality reviews and instead have genuine users write a review. Do keep in mind that your site should not be the only purchase option included in the review, and it must include other links to different sites selling the product. This Google update will change the entire dynamics of affiliate marketing. Make sure you are on the safe side by adhering to the above guidelines and using only genuine affiliates.

Broad Core Algorithm update-November 2021

The core algorithm update usually is rolled out several times a year, and this time, the focus is on giving sites with good quality content an advantage in search rankings. This will lead to a drop in search rankings for many sites-so now is the time for reviewing your content and making it usable, unique, and informative.

What it means for your E-Commerce site

E-Commerce site owners should keep in mind that content now truly matters and make the necessary changes to abide by the change. Keep in mind that Google uses advanced algorithm components that include advanced technologies like Machine Learning to identify the relevance of content. Just adding filler content to your web page will not make a difference to its rankings. Every part of your content must be user-focused, informative, factual, personalized, and impactive. It must cater to every question that a user might have about your product or service and include the essential aspects.

Spam updates-November 2021

Spam sites are a major concern for search engines and users alike. Google’s definition of spam is a site that has a malicious intent, such as phishing or spreading malware. In this update, Google will focus on delisting sites that use spam link tactics. For being recognized as a spam site, the site can also be infected with malware unknown to the website owner and cause a dip in rankings.

What it means for your E-Commerce site

You must be aware of your link-building tactics to avoid links to and from spam sites. Also, keep a watch on how secure your site is and regularly do a malware check. Even unintentional spam is a worry with this update, so keep your site secure.

The above are the latest updates that Google has rolled out in the past months, and the changes have already been felt in search rankings for a huge number of sites. This set of updates calls for a thorough review of your web marketing and SEO strategies to ensure that your stand stays safe and improves your rankings by using the above suggestions.

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