5 Essential Guidelines for Choosing a Magento Development Agency

Magento is one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms with a rapidly spreading user base that includes emerging, growing, and established businesses. Some of the world’s best-known brands depend on Magento for their eCommerce needs, and it’s being used by close to 3.1% of the world’s top 100,000 websites. Magento’s popularity is attributed to its secure, scalable, and robust platform along with extensive customization options and features. If you are looking to move your business online with Magento or would like to migrate from a different eCommerce platform, you would surely be engaging a Magento Development agency for a development solution. We present a few handy tips that you must keep in mind to get the optimal benefit while choosing an agency for your Magento Website Development.

Do keep in mind that an association with a third-party agency does require a lot of research on your part, apart from proper planning and communication to get the desired results, and the below guidelines would surely help you in choosing the best Magento Development Agency from the many in the market.


The foremost factor in choosing a firm is its experience in consulting and development. Do factor the years the firm has been in business, the number of clients served, and the nature of projects that they have handled. An ideal choice would be an agency that has been in the business for at least 5 years, with credible client success stories, along with proven track records of handling clients of various business sizes across different eCommerce requirements. Do keep in mind to check if they can create a custom Magento Development solution for your specific needs-as in a theme or functionality, or are they trying to sell you a collection of pre-built packages that are just plugged-in and made ready to run.


The Approach to a prospective client is another essential factor to consider in your choice of a Magento Development agency. Though a strong marketing pitch, lucrative offers, and discounts are a part and parcel of every firm’s marketing strategy, do ensure that you feel confident about their service offerings and see a clear transparency in what they pitch to offer against what you have asked them for.


Reputation is not only limited to a business profile, but also involves testimonials from past clients, success stories, and case studies, along with a consistent Digital Marketing profile. Do check if the firm has good reviews from past clients along with an online portfolio, blog, and social media presence that reflects its domain knowledge, business portfolio, and expertise.

Support and Communication

The other most important factor while considering a Magento Development agency is its support system. During your engagement and later, you would surely require an efficient support system that is easily accessible and gives you quick responses. Do check the availability and accessibility of support channels and also their support agreement, so that you can be assured of quick support in case you run into issues post the engagement. Most agencies also offer a retainer for their support programs and this is an option that you can consider for assured support.

The other important factor is communication. In a global arena, you would often find communication a challenge if you are dealing with individual developers, but you should seldom have such challenges while dealing with an established agency. The foremost requirement is that you should be clear in your expectations and timelines, the communication mode, and frequency with the agency.

Associated Services

Apart from core Magento website development, do also look for associated services such as security audits and patches, downtime support, SEO and Digital Marketing services as they are critical in for the success of your online eCommerce store. It’s best to have an engagement with a Magento development agency that also offers digital marketing services so that you can have a single point of association for both your portal and online marketing requirements.

Many agencies also offer customized packages which also include Digital Marketing so that you can have a complete solution for your online needs. It’s also essential that you have an active social marketing presence so that you can reach out to your existing and prospective customers and reap the benefits of online marketing, as well as having an extended channel of communication. Do also check if the agency can maintain your social media presence on a retainer basis so that you can better focus on your core business.

Exinent’s Magento Development Solutions

We have been associated with Magento development and consulting over the past decade, and have a dedicated team of certified Magento professionals who have worked with numerous clients on varying requirements. Exinent specializes in custom Magento Development, Consulting, Maintenance, Security, and support services. We also Magento upgrades and migrations. Exinent has hundreds of satisfied clients for whom we have scripted eCommerce success stories. If you wish to know more about how our custom development approach and quality of delivery can make an impact on your existing business, do get in touch with us for more details.

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