5 Product Page Optimization Tips for a Magento Store

Today the entire e-commerce market has SEO as its baseline whether looking out for jewelry stores, clothes, or electronics. There is no surprise that you can find it all in just a few clicks. Because looking out for products and services and selling is not easy for business enterprises or purchasing for customers unless you look for SEO features at the top. So, in this hit list, the Google search engine tops the list and is the ultimate priority of businesses to be in Google’s top search lists. Thus, talking about the Magento store, it comes with great SEO attributes. Hence, they are capable of hosting, driving valuable customers to their place, and increasing sales and revenue.

Overview of Magento

Magento made its public presence in 2008. It is open-source software written in PHP for an e-commerce platform. It is built on Symfony frameworks based on US e-commerce stores. With time it has gained a powerful reputation in the e-commerce industry. It is the leading name in e-commerce marketing.

With the urge of SEO practices, Magento is a master player in providing access to many inbuilt features to boost its ranking in search results. Many additional features are also there, but they come at affordable prices. Apart from pricing, it also monitors your SEO score and optimizes your websites.

Now, let us have a look over some product page optimization tips for a Magento store.

5 Product Page Optimization Tips for a Magento Store

5 Product Page Optimization Tips for a Magento Store (Infographic)

1. Avoid identical contents

Identical content means duplicate content or information for multiple pages that are stored in the website system. This hinders the functionality of search engines. It is seen that many online merchandisers have a large collection of products with varied sizes, colors, and so on. As a result, various products are added to the system. However, links also do not vary much, with a trivial difference in the number of product pages.

Consequently, several pages but with the same page titles and descriptions. Thus, an identical content page has been developed. The SEO ring expert keeps an eye on and collects information about your website. Identical product content makes your website less reliable and unauthorized. This results in affecting the number of traffic visiting the product on the website.

This problem Magento can easily solve by simply applying SEO extension Magento to fix the issue. With this SEO extension, the links will become SEO-friendly. Thus, with the number of different items in your store, you will have the same number of recognized links to them.

2. Build SEO-friendly URL for product page

This is another path-breaking step that directly affects the traffic of visitors visiting your webpage. So, the more SEO-friendly URLs there are, the more traffic it reaches. However, in magento2, users can easily manage their product URLs by keeping values in the URL key from the SEO button. So, the quick tip is to keep the URL short and quirky with keywords included. Thus, an easy URL will help you to understand the page easily and bring surprising rewards for your page and websites.

3. Be productive with keyword research tools

For having up-to-the-mark SEO, a well-researched keyword can beat the game. However, it is difficult for SEO beginners to find the appropriate keywords. So, a keyword research tool can be the best option. The two popular tools are the Google AdWords keyword tool and keywordtool.io.

The Google AdWords keyword tool helps you reach some favorable keywords and expressions. While keywordtool.io creates a list of search queries that people have searched in search engines.

Keywords also help you in determining other products that people might be interested in. For example, if you are looking for a television, you can find many other options like TV cabinets, speakers, amazon fire TV stick, etc. So, the customers can have other options as well. Thanks for the keywords performance that appear on search result page.

Be productive with keyword research tools-01

4. Product name with keywords

Most of the time sellers do not use keywords with the products. As a result, there is no significant reach. So, if you are genuinely interested in boosting traffic, adding keywords to the product will be a miracle. This eventually helps the customers in targeting their required goods. Hence, adding keywords to the product becomes important.

For example, if you name the product Tommy Hilfiger polo t-shirts, and Nike sneakers with more descriptions, there are chances that people will search for the product and end up looking for the right product. As a result, this long chain of keywords will help you increase sales and revenue.

5. Captivating meta titles and meta descriptions

As far as meta titles and descriptions are concerned, they are like the first impression of the presentation presented on the online platter. In terms of SEO, it plays a very crucial role, as they help in enabling search engines to recognize the contents of the webpages. Thus, making SEO practice more successful. Therefore, always remember to visit the product page and write meta titles and descriptions. However, the thumb rule to write meta descriptions is that they should be short but clear. Ensure that the meta description is always between 150 to 160 characters and meta titles around 55 characters.

Bottom line

Though there are many more bunch of tips to manifest product page optimization for Magento stores. But sticking with the tips shared here in the article will definitely help you rank better than before. Currently, the SEO practice is trending and Magento2 is the right platform for new shopkeepers to build e-commerce stores.

Our Exinent teams are always up for ways to optimize Magento stores and are open to assistance for their clients. Thus, comprehensive, and informative optimization tips will help your SEO checklist to optimize technical and on-page SEOs.

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