Best Headless eCommerce Platforms for 2022

The term “headless e-commerce” refers to a system that divides an e-commerce platform’s front and back ends, with the front ends being what customers see and the back ends being everything else. While more conventional e-commerce solutions integrate these two steps of the process to save money and time, headless alternatives provide far more flexibility.

Thinking about the best headless ecommerce platforms for your business?

It is normal.

After all, headless e-commerce platforms have become essential tools for many e-commerce businesses, especially those looking to create an optimal omni-channel retail experience.

Many headless e-commerce platforms are available, so it can be difficult for an e-commerce business owner like you to choose the right one.

Don’t worry because I can help you.

In this article, we’ve ranked and reviewed the best headless eCommerce platforms you can consider for your eCommerce store.

What Qualities Ought a Headless Trading Platform to Have?

Now that you have a firm grasp of a headless trading platform, let’s look at things to consider while making a purchase.

There are many headless trading platforms out there, which means your choice can be challenging. It would be simple to buy into the marketing hype surrounding these e-commerce systems and discover that it only offers a partial fulfilment of your expectations.

What is the User Interface Like?

When looking for a headless trading platform, you want to find a clutter-free user interface. It should be nice and neat without a steep learning curve. Your eCommerce system is the heart and soul of your entire operation, so you need to ensure you don’t get a headache every time you look at the background.

You also must ensure that the front-end user interface is just as clean. While it may take a while to get used to this system, your buyers won’t be so patient.

What integrations are available?

Can your headless trading platform easily integrate with other tools you use daily? At a minimum, it should be able to connect to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Product Information Management (PIM) tool, where all your customer and product data is stored.

Is the Platform Easy to Learn?

Does the service have a knowledge base with tutorials? Is it easy to access and understand? Are there videos to guide you through frequently asked questions and issues you may encounter? Is there API documentation to guide you with this important component?

A community forum where users help each other and provide practical advice is another great resource to look out for.

Is It Customizable?

Part of the job of a decoupled commerce system is personalization. The front end and back end of the platform can both be individually customized. But how far does this personalization go?

If you already have important tools to your business, make sure you can connect them. If you’re still shopping for these other tools, note what integrations your headless trading system includes and see if those tools meet your needs.

Does it Have Good Customer Support?

You must make sure the parent company’s customer support is first-rate when it comes to something as crucial as your e-commerce platform. This means 24/7 support via live chat, phone and email.

You need to contact someone right away to fix the issue if something goes wrong and your store is down. Every second your store goes offline, you can lose money. Someone may come looking for your products, see that the store is closed, and go to one of your competitors instead.

Responsive, efficient 24/7 customer service is 100% mandatory.

The Best Headless Commerce Platforms


Now known as Adobe Commerce, Magento is a highly customizable headless commerce platform. Web developers can create custom applications that meet the needs of customers using this service. It also includes several omnichannel solutions stored in the cloud that make it easy to connect digital and brick-and-mortar shopping.

With the company’s famous inventory management system, you can track what you have in stock at all your locations, including stores and warehouses. This information is kept in real time so you always have a good idea of what is available.

Magento is famous for its analytics, offering advanced data visualization. Your data can be easily exported directly to your inbox, providing information on retention rates, lifetime value and average order value over a selected period.

Magento enables custom integration through REST and SOAP web API frameworks. For example, you can create CRM, CMS, PIM, ERP, accounting, marketing, and inventory integrations.

Adobe Commerce pricing is available upon request.

Shopify Plus

Over 1.75 million active businesses use the market-leading SaaS e-commerce platform known as Shopify. This platform is initially well known as a hosted option to assist small merchants in launching their internet companies. Meanwhile, Shopify Plus is a complete and cost-effective package for medium to large businesses with advanced commerce features with endless options and built-in eCommerce automation tools.

According to claims, Shopify’s headless solution would enable you to take complete creative control and develop new sales opportunities anywhere while managing everything from an one spot.

BigCommerce Enterprises

Along with Shopify, another well-known hosted e-commerce option is BigCommerce. The platform is brimming with the best all-in-one commerce tools to make it simple for companies to establish an online presence.. In addition, BigCommerce Enterprise specializes in enterprise-level brands with the highest level of all commerce features in BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Headless Claims helps you create amazing customer experiences based on the BigCommerce backend and the most advanced headless integrations. BigCommerce enables you to launch more quickly and customise more quickly without the need for lengthy development thanks to its wide selection of ready-to-use headless solutions, including front-end frameworks, content management systems, and digital experience platforms.

BigCommerce Headless is designed for both store owners and developers without starting from scratch. It is the ideal headless e-commerce platform for combining content and commerce with ultimate flexibility and customizability.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is part of the Salesforce suite of products. It also provides Salesforce CRM with a fast commerce platform, meaning connecting with other products in the suite is easy. In addition, Salesforce Commerce enables you to adopt API-based commerce to improve the customer shopping experience.

Additionally, e-commerce businesses can use the library of pre-built integrations available through Salesforce to further improve their websites and even create mobile apps. Although Salesforce Commerce Cloud is excellent for integrating a robust suite, it can be difficult to integrate technologies outside of the suite and have a lightweight technological stack that enables e-commerce enterprises to stay agile and adaptable.


Leading e-commerce platform Commercetools was created following MACH principles. E-commerce companies can customise customer experiences to their needs using a microservices-based, API-based, cloud-based, headless solution.

Commercetools strives to differentiate itself from legacy suites by leveraging the MACH architecture and embracing a best-in-class approach and composable commerce. Although Commercetools supports headless commerce, some eCommerce stores might need assistance understanding it because additional tools and features must be programmed and integrated to make the most of the platform.



Businesses know that customization and personalization are not going away. These are the forces in the market that demand the best headless e-commerce platforms maximize sales opportunities. Now is the time to evaluate your e-commerce platform and decide whether to switch to a headless option.

For advice, you can trust, contact Exinent. We have been doing e-commerce for as long as it has been around. Our team of expert eCommerce consultants can help you assess your current platform and choose the best next step for your business growth.

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