Best Practices for Enhancing Adobe Commerce Cloud Security

Site security is a crucial aspect of Adobe Commerce Cloud stores. With an increase in cyber-attacks targeting E-Commerce sites, it’s essential to have a comprehensive security plan for your site. A compromised site leads to misuse of confidential information, decreases the trust customers have in your site, and has a huge impact on your search engine rankings.

With a focus on ensuring optimal security of your website, we have curated a list of Adobe Commerce Cloud Security best practices from our decade-long experience in E-Commerce development and maintenance services.

Adobe Commerce Security Best Practices

Two-Factor Authentication

Adobe Commerce has a 2FA extension that can be used with Google Authenticator, U2F, Duo, and Authy keys. It adds an extra layer of security in the authentication process and provides easy management of settings and trusted devices.

Using a Custom Admin URL

Adobe Commerce provides a custom Admin URL which is different from the regular Admin link. This prevents unauthorized access by automated password guessing and brute force attacks.

Regular Patch Installations

Adobe Commerce provides regular security patches that address identified vulnerability issues. Keeping your Adobe Commerce site updated by installing them addresses recent security issues.

Using Trusted Extensions

Adobe recommends using extensions listed in the Marketplace, or from trusted third-party vendors. Do ensure to limit the number of extensions used and review the code and functionality in a non-production environment before adding them.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Having a disaster recovery plan helps in controlling the damage done by malware and facilitates easy restoration of the site. Adobe Commerce offers a backup of files in cases where a complete site restoration is required.

Whitelist IP Addresses

Whitelisting IP Addresses allows only select IPs to access your admin panel. This is an essential security measure that prevents unauthorized access to your site.

Admin Account security

It’s advisable to limit the number of password requests per hour and set the maximum number of unsuccessful attempts to login before the account gets locked.


ReCAPTHCA is a security checkpoint that uses a combination of numbers and alphabets to check the response. This prevents automated bots from gaining unauthorized access to your account.

Export Configuration

Exporting configuration is an ideal solution in case a redeployment of the site is required. The primary advantage of exporting configuration is that it takes a higher priority over database configuration.

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