Better E-Commerce Stores with Shopify Plus-An Introduction

Shopify Plus is a complete E-Commerce solution designed for easier selling, feature-addition, and store maintenance for high volume web stores. Some of the world’s leading brands such as Nestle, Budweiser, Red Bull, and many more have migrated to Shopify Plus to take advantage of the vast variety of features that it offers.

Shopify Plus is offered by Shopify and offers extensive customization and integration options that can help you easily create a feature-rich online store. Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth, flexible integrations, and is easily scalable. Let’s take a look at the key features of Shopify Plus and see how it can easily help your business grow online.

Subheading Better E-Commerce Stores with Shopify Plus-An Introduction

Key Features of Shopify Plus:

Shopify Plus can handle huge traffic that would be ideal for a large-sized E-commerce store, especially if you are running promotions or during the holiday season. This helps your customers easily access and transact through your website, without any downtime, or slow loading pages that create a bad shopping experience.

One of the prominent cosmetic brands, Kylie Commerce saw a traffic of 200,000 plus customers during a promotional event that the store ran, and the platform was able to withstand the traffic without any interruption.

The platform allows you to create multi-lingual stores with 10 additional clone stores that you can use as sub-domains for different countries. Each storefront comes with easy language, currency, and payment options-making it ideal for global E-Commerce stores.

Shopify Plus offer easy customization features that help you create and manage your online storefront without the need for an external design agency. Since the platform is fully-hosted, you can do away with the hassle of hosting your website with a different service provider. You can also customize your checkout process to make it faster and easier for your customers

You can easily create automated workflows that trigger specific events based on customer behavior. This is useful for running promotions, checking suspicious orders, returns, and in low-inventory scenarios. Also, Shopify Plus offers the launchpad tool that can be used to completely automate your marketing campaigns, making them easy to manage as they work on auto-pilot.

The platform allows you to integrate social media accounts in your website, so that you can start selling through Social Media too. Social media integration can also be used as a means of communication with your customers-in case of returns, abandoned carts, support and many more contexts. The integrated POS system also allows you to create and run a pop-up store and make in-person sales.

Shopify Plus allows you to create B2B stores that can be used by your retailers to transact from your website. It allows you to offer and control volume-based discounts, pricing, and cart amounts.

Shopify Plus is targeted towards high volume sellers who are looking at a global footprint. It offers monthly package options that include licensing and transaction costs. You can also hire an agency for customizing the look and feel of your store, or can use one of the many pre-built templates for building and managing your online store. If you feel that you are outgrown your current platform, and need additional features and customization, apart from easy maintenance options, Shopify Plus is the right solution for you.

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