Choosing the Right Agency for Magento Website Development

Top Tips to Hire the Right Agency for your Magento Website Development

We all agree that Magento website development is not a cup of cake-certainly not as easy when compared to other platforms. So, if you are planning to develop a new Magento website, or modify your existing website, you would be choosing between your in-house technical team, or a web development agency to complete the tasks. This helpful article gives you the best tips for choosing to engage a third-party web development agency for your Magento website development.

There are a lot of skilled Magento Development agencies in the Market, and this article would help you choose between them and make a right and educated choice.

Top Tips to Hire the Right Agency for your Magento Website Development

Top Tips for choosing the right Magento Web Development Agency

Experience: Experience counts, especially in Magento website development. If the agency you have been considering has a good number of years of experience in Magento website development, it could certainly have grown a good knowledge in the domain, apart from exposure to various clients from different verticals. This would certainly be one of the strongest points to consider while choosing a Magento website development agency.

What to check: Do keep in mind to check their portfolio, and also check how successful are the online stores that have been built by them. Many agencies tend to showcase their best designs, so its important to look into case studies and ask for information on how well the website performed, as against how good the design looks.

Reviews: Reviews are one of the most important sources of first-hand feedback from customers. It gives an indication of what went well, and what didn’t. Do keep in mind to check for reviews on third-party websites, Google, and social media channels so that you can make an informed decision. We advise you to check for reviews from third-party websites such as Trustpilot, as against the reviews shown on the agency’s website, as they would give you an actual picture of the quality of work that the agency does. If the agency has fewer or no reviews, probably it has not marketed itself better, which again should be one of your considerations.

Accreditations:  This is one important aspect to be considered while choosing a Magento website development agency. Do check if they are certified by Magento, or at least have a team of developers who are certified in Magento. Some agencies can also be certified Magento Solution partners, so keep in mind that an accreditation or a certification talks a lot of their talent and proven expertise in handling a Magento website development project.

Associated Services:If you are planning on a complete Magento website development, you would certainly need other services such as maintenance, security, SEO and other associated services. Having a single agency take care of all your requirements helps you better manage your time and budget.

Support:  This is one of the critical aspects that is important for Magento website owners, as support after development is very critical for new website owners who have just moved into Magento. Different agencies have different support policies, so do ensure to engage an agency that has a fixed support policy after the development has finished. This will help you take care of the many issues that will crop-up while your website is up and running-so that you would not have to spend time looking for support from a third-party.

Keep in mind that outsourcing a Magento website development or upgrade project will involve other factors such as location, strength of the team, project management capabilities, pricing, and other important factors which are critical to choosing an agency. The above tips will help you choose the best Magento development agency for your website needs.

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