Competitive Analysis for eCommerce Development- Social Media, Reviews and a few Research Tips

In the last of the series of articles that we did on Competitive analysis before you begin your eCommerce development journey, let’s take a look at the research you need to do on your competitor’s social media profile, along with gauging their level of customer satisfaction which can be primarily found from website reviews. We shall also cover a few websites and organizational research tools which will be helpful for you to better understand your competitors and develop your custom eCommerce development plan.

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Doing a Social Media Research on your Competitors

Social Media is a critical tool to reach potential and current customers. It’s quite essential that you have an active social media presence to engage with your customers. However, by doing a bit of analysis, you can deep dive into the social media strategy for your competitors and check their individual strategies so that you can improve your own and know the pulse out there. Here a few social media insights that you should be getting from your competitors to know them and the target audience better.

  1. Their overall social media strategy
  2. The platforms they have an active presence on
  3. The mode and frequency of communication in them, and also with their followers.
  4. How frequently are they on the account, along with insights on how well they post on these accounts?
  5. If they are missing on any key social media account, can you improve your presence there to get more customers?
  6. Do they have offline touchpoints that serve as important client interactions for them? If so, you can think of the same strategy.

Checking on level of customer satisfaction of your competitors

Your competitor’s product and service reviews are the most important source for getting to know the customer feedback they receive, which is critical to the overall marketing strategy. You can check for website reviews, apart from other websites such as Yelp, BBB, and other social media websites. This would give you a better idea of the common customer issues faced with that set of products, and also the general feedback that your customers get-so that you can work on improving your own.

We have also listed a few links that can help you better in your journey of competitive analysis.

To check website information and how long they have been in business online-use

To check the platform of their website-use

To know more about their source of funding, check out websites like Crunchbase and Kickstarter.

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