How to Start Selling Online-The Basics of Product Selection in eCommerce Development

Selecting the right products for your eCommerce store is critical for the success of your eCommerce journey.  Though your might have a well-defined eCommerce strategy, a great looking website, numerous shipping and delivery options-it’s the products that count at the end as they define the core of your eCommerce business. Let’s look at the basics of your eCommerce development journey-identifying the right products to start selling online.

What products can your start selling online?

You may have your niche range of products, or a looking to create an online store that would sell a whole bunch of products that you get from various sources (Commodity Products). Let’s look into the ways in which you can identify products to sell online.

Identify products that create a solution: You can think of possible problems that your products can address, such as organically cultivated or chemical-free range of beauty and nutrition products, or just anything that you have an experience in and which you find will have takers in the market.

Find products which have a brand: You can start retailing on branded products which are already established in the market and have a demand. You can then slowly move towards creating a branding in your website that resonates with your target customers-be it a logo, website design, content and the way you communicate to customers.

Find emerging markets: Let’s say you have found a niche that you feel will become popular with people or will have demand. You can try selling such products and slowly establish your customer base and your reputation in the market.

Products that are driven by a passion: If you are passionate about a product, let it reflect in your website. You can supercharge your online storefront by effective branding that would reflect your passion. You can also check the trends from your target customer base and see what would drive sales and reflect a buyer’s passion and purchasing interest.

Niche Products: Niche products always have a demand and it is advised to target a niche that you are familiar with and can start selling online with. It could be just anything that is unique and has a demand.

Once you have identified your product base, here are the next steps to keep you going in your eCommerce development strategy.

  • Do your market research and identify a strategy to target your customers.
  • Do competitive research and see how others in the same segment are going about in selling online.
  • Research on the platform in which you would be selling.
  • Create a custom branding plan to design your website.
  • Create a marketing strategy to start driving customers to your store.

How can Exinent help?

If you are interested to start selling online during COVID 19, we at Exinent are here to help. We have been into eCommerce development and support services for the past decade and have hundreds of delightful clients who have taken advantage of our custom eCommerce website development service. We focus on creating online success stories with a robust, secure, scalable, and customized online shopping platform that would help you get customers across various online platforms to your store. Feel free to Contact Us; now is the time for your business to get online and noticed!

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