Latest Security Updates in Magento Maintenance Services-APSB20-59 security patch

Magento frequently releases security updates that are critical for the performance and security of your website. These updates guard your website against malicious attacks, malware and identified security issues that can compromise your website. They are often released as patches and need to be downloaded into your core Magento files. Magento has recently released the APSB20-59 security patch that would help guard your website against the below vulnerabilities. The dependency on these updates is for the jQuery file upload and the TinyMCE Editor-for versions 2.4 and earlier.

1) File Upload Allow List Bypass: This allows arbitrary code execution and is a critical vulnerability.

2) SQL Injection: This allows arbitrary read and write access to code and is a critical vulnerability.

3) Improper Authorization: This allows unauthorized modification of customer list and access to restricted resources and is an important vulnerability.

4) Insufficient Invalidation of User Session: This allows Unauthorized access to restricted resources and is an important vulnerability.

5) Improper Authorization: This allows Unauthorized modification of Magento CMS pages and is an important vulnerability.

6) Sensitive Information Disclosure: This allows Disclosure of document root path and is an important vulnerability.

7) Cross-site Scripting (Stored XSS): This causes Arbitrary JavaScript execution in the browser and is an important vulnerability.

It’s important for your website to have regular updates that would help you mitigate the risks due to identified security issues. You can take advantage of our Magento Maintenance services plan that would keep your website updated with the latest upgrades and security patches and keep it up to date and running smoothly without any security issues. Whenever your website needs an upgrade or a new security patch, our team would first install the upgrade or patch on a demo server and then check for its functionality. Post a successful installation on a demo server, we would apply the upgrade on the live server so that your website has a tested and working upgrade.

Take the advantage of our Magento Maintenance services to have a smooth and upgraded website for your eCommerce store. Our flexible monthly Magento Maintenance plans offer a dedicated support team and helpdesk support for your business. Our support team is available 24/7, along with need-based support on weekends, to ensure that you have a dedicated team to support your website if the need arises. We have an automated ticketing system where you can send us a quick message, and our support team would quickly to identify and resolve the issue.

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner for your Magento maintenance needs, Exinent can give you the best cost and value-driven advantage. Do choose us for all your website performance issues, and have the benefit of timely upgrades, security patches, new feature additions, and performance tuning that would give you the best of your online storefront. Do contact us for an initial assessment to help you get the most optimal package for your business needs.

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