Magento Website Development-Creating a Simple Product

In this article on Magento website development, we would look into the process of creating a simple product from the Magento dashboard. A simple product is a product that does not have multiple SKU’s in it, and forms the building block for other complex products. The set of properties that a product has are called as attributes.

Steps to create a product in the Magento dashboard:

  • Access the Menu-> Products-> Catalog, and click on “Add Product”. Under the drop down, select the option for simple product.
  • Each product can have up to 40 different attributes for it. The basic attributes for a simple product are given below


Name: The name of the product

SKU: This is called the SKU or the product-id, and is an identifier for the product. It can be used for both physical and virtual products.

Price: The price of the product

Tax Class: If the product is taxable, select the option for Taxable Goods. You can add the tax classes later.

Images and Videos for the product

Quantity: The opening stock level for that product

Weight: The weight of the product in LBS or Kilograms. For virtual products, select no weight. This is an important field as it relates to the shipping rate calculation based on the product weight.

Visibility: Select the option for catalog and search for the product to be visible in the catalog and search results.

Categories: You can group products by categories. If you have created a category, select that or select default category.

Description: Add a description of the product that will appear on the product detail page.


You can also add search engine optimization elements such as Meta title, keywords and description to help search engines locate your product.

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