Magento Website Development-Starting with Product Attributes

In this article on Magento website development, we shall look into one of the most important part of defining a product in Magento, by its attributes. We shall look into ways of creating attributes and attributes for each of the products that you would be using on your store, from the dashboard. This will help you start building products on your online store.

An attribute is the characteristic of a product, and determines its features. For example, if you are looking at a physical product, its attributes would be weight, color, size etc. Attributes vary for individual products and are unique for a specific product. The attributes for a product would appear on the front-end of the product description page.

Steps to create an Attribute in the Magento dashboard:

1) Navigate to Stores->Attribute-> Product
2) Click on Add New Attribute to get into the Attribute edit page

You will see the below fields that would be required for an attribute, apart from additional fields that are required as per the product specifications.


Default Label: The title for the attribute, which would also be used for generating the system attribute code, unless overwritten.

Catalog Input Type for Store Owner: This field determines how the attribute can be entered by the store owner while managing the store, and can be one of the below types:

  • Text Field: This option allows free text to be used while adding the attribute
    • Text Area: This option is similar to text field, but allows multiple lines of text to be added.
    • Text Editor: Text Editor input type requires WYSIWYG to be enabled in Stores > Configuration > Content Management.
    • Date: This field would be entered in the date format
    • Yes/No: These are Boolean values that you can use for your attribute
    • Multiple Select: Select from options for your attribute. You would be required to provide the options in the admin panel.
    • Dropdown: Select from a dropdown of options.
    • Price: The price field for an attribute
    • Media Image:If the attribute is a media file.
    • Visual Swatch: Using a swatch image for the attribute image. You must specify the swatch image in the admin panel.
    • Text Swatch: Using a text swatch for the attribute text. You must specify the swatch text in the admin panel by clicking on Swatch Text.
    • Fixed Product Tax: This is used for products that have an additional tax that can be defined.

For some of the above field, you would require to add additional attribute information under the Advanced Attribute properties which we will discuss in the next article.

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