Reporting and Business Intelligence Capabilities in Adobe Commerce Cloud

The Adobe Commerce Cloud platform offers a vast range of features to easily manage your E-Commerce store in a simplified manner. One of the platform’s key features is the embedded Reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities that enable store owners to have a 360° view of their entire store operations and use data-driven insights to make better business decisions.

In this article, let’s briefly look at the Reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities in Adobe Commerce Cloud and see how they can help you get the advantage of simplified analytics for your E-Commerce store.

The Need for BI and Reporting Capabilities in E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a fast-paced and dynamic platform, needing faster insights and actions to address the ever-changing customer requirements. This can include new products, offers, promotions, pricing changes, and other aspects that would impact customer engagement. Staying ahead in the race requires analyzing existing data to measure the current performance and create new additions as per the emerging trends.

BI and Reporting in E-Commerce primarily analyze the factors below.

  • Demand and supply trends
  • Procurement of raw materials and supplier performance
  • Sales and revenue reports
  • Website performance
  • Performance of offers, promotions, and discounts
  • User interests for personalized marketing
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Geographic analysis of customers

For example, you could have a new product that you would need to aggressively promote to boost sales and would like to create a promotion around it. This would require data as a backdrop to measure the current sales, and the increase post promotion, with varying factors such as location targeting and packaged offerings. This can be easily achieved with the use of the extensive reporting and BI capabilities that Adobe Commerce Cloud offers.

Reporting capabilities in Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce allows unlimited reports to be created as per custom requirements to dive deep into data and derive insights.

  1. Reports can be exported to dashboards and other data formats, which can be easily shared across the organization.
  2. Reports are automatically updated with real-time data, giving accurate insights into the site’s performance.
  3. Access controls can be defined for each report, ensuring that information is shared on a need-to-know basis.
  4. Automatic scheduling of report distribution to selected recipients.

The above extensive reporting capabilities allow Adobe Commerce users to get complete insights into their store data and enable easier management.

Business Intelligence capabilities in Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud offers extensive BI capabilities that enable you to gain insights from all aspects of your E-Commerce store, ranging from simpler parameters such as average sales to complex attributes like the entire customer engagement lifecycle. This helps businesses enhance customer experiences and take transformative actions based on data-driven insights.

A few prominent BI capabilities of Adobe Commerce Cloud are outlined below.

  1. Extensible features to connect with other data systems
  2. Centralized warehouse for storing the data models, with complete control over its administration
  3. Extensive visualization capabilities such as scatter and bubble representations, which are fully customizable to align with your business metrics
  4. Advanced querying and data exporting features
  5. Built-in access management and automatic distribution capabilities

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