SEO Strategies for eCommerce Development during COVID-19

COVID-19 has significantly impacted businesses across the world, with a major change in spending patterns and a steadily increasing preference for online shopping. American shoppers have spent $347.26 billion online during the first six months of 2020-an an increase of 30.1% from online sales from the same time in 2019. As the trend indicates a growing preference for online shopping, many retailers have been revamping their existing websites or are starting their online shopping platforms. In this article, we would deep drive into the best SEO strategies for eCommerce development during COVID-19, and how you can benefit by starting to sell online.

Choice of an eCommerce Platform: The choice of an eCommerce platform is critical for the overall success of your online store. We recommend choosing a scalable and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly platform such as Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify, as they make on-page SEO quite easy. You also get to choose from numerous third-party extensions that would make your SEO easy to set-up and maintain in the long run.
The Product Listing SEO: eCommerce is a huge platform with multiple sellers selling the same or related product across major marketplaces. It’s critical that your product competes with established products of the same category with other sellers. The most effective way of ensuring that is by researching the exact content format, tone, keywords, and descriptive content that your competitors are following.

This is called Product Listing SEO. It’s specific to the SEO Strategies for E-Commerce Development to be followed while creating content for your product pages. It’s about striking a balance between prevalent marketing content and your own brand identity, and we recommend using the first as a base for your content plans in your strategy for eCommerce Development during COVID-19-where, the online field is getting competitive.

Key Points in your Product Listing SEO:

Unique and Legitimate: Your Product Listing SEO should be unique and legitimate so that you can accurately showcase your products to your intended prospects. Do remember to include all essential elements of your product description, without missing some or adding more then that’s there.

Keyword Inclusion: Keywords are the way people search for products across the internet, making them an essential factor for bringing customers to your online store. Your eCommerce development strategy should involve an understanding and research on accurate keywords that are used by your competitors, and also involve unique keywords that are specific to your content.

For example, if your online store sells jogging shoes, expect customers to search for keywords such as “Running Shoes,” “Soft Running Shoes,” “Best Running Shoes”, etc. Keep in mind to add keywords that are already being used and in prominence, against using a keyword that is specific to your brand, but does not have search volume.

Images and Multimedia: Product images are an integral part of your Product Listing SEO, and it’s always advisable to use unique, clear, high-resolution, and multiple images in your product listing. The product image has the highest attention span in your product images, so keep in mind to add accurate, clear, and converting images that would give your customer a clear idea of the product. Do keep in mind to add “Alt Tags” to your images so that they would be search engine friendly.

Other Product Listing SEO Factors:

  1. Adding the main keyword in the page and SEO title.
  2. Giving a frequency of 1% of the keyword within your product description.
  3. Adding relevant and canonical keywords that reflect search trends.
  4. Using on-page SEO optimization.
  5. Using Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How can Exinent help?

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