The Omnichannel Sales Model with Magento-A Primer

Omnichannel selling is the latest trend in the E-Commerce industry, driven by a need to enrich customer experience and ensure a unified platform that integrates all the selling channels. It’s based on a convergent selling model that includes all the features of various customer touchpoints across different channels, giving a seamless and consistent customer experience. With information being the key driver to make customers take purchase decisions, Omnichannel ensures that prospective customers get the information at the right time, from the right source and in the right way.

A simple use case for using the Omnichannel model

Let’s take the example of a customer who visits a physical store to make a purchase after comparing options online. The ease of getting information at a physical store can be different when the customer is accessing the company’s website or App. What the customer needs is quick and accurate information to make a purchase decision-which is what Omnichannel does, as the same information that a physical store has is also replicated in other channels. Statistics show that around 50% of purchases are made through online channels in the recent times using mobile devices-bringing in a need for focused information to be made easily accessible.

Simply said, Omnichannel is an integration of physical selling and online channels such as websites, Apps, Marketplace sites and social media selling. It’s all about making the product easily accessible, giving more buying options, having integrated data visualization, and connecting offline and online mediums.

How to create an Omnichannel Experience in Magento

  • Magento has its native responsive features, which make it accessible across all devices-fulfilling an important aspect of being Omnichannel.  In addition, the below features help create an Omnichannel experience using Magento.
  • Easy Customization for extensions to suit specific business requirements.
  • Integration with third-party extensions such as for product details, reviews, best sellers, along with advanced sorting features that can be easily added to your Magento store.
  • Social media integration through extensions gives the advantage of selling your products on multiple social channels, providing customers the option to share details with their contacts.
  • Magento also integrates with IoT based solutions that give customers diverse options to choose from payment methods, shipping options, delivery instructions and many more. IoT with Magento is a collection of various devices that are linked to a central application and provides insights with built-in sensors.
  • Magento extensions can provide real-time updates on orders and shipping status, making it easier to track shipments.
  • Data visualization can provide a complete overview of the customer data, to provide a holistic view of shopping preferences, enabling tailor-made product recommendations.

The key benefits of using Omnichannel sales model in Magento

  • Greater flexibility for customers to get the required information easily for a seamless shopping experience across any sales touchpoint.
  • Better customer retention rates-as the flexibility in shopping is much easier when compared to conventional E-Commerce stores.
  • Integration of multiple digital touchpoints ensure easy access to products for a simplified shopping experience.
  • Shopping across both offline and online modes gives customers the required flexibility in purchasing products.
  • Magento stores can integrate with popular online marketplace sites such as Amazon and eBay, expanding the scope of their sales channels.

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