Top 5 Design Tips for your eCommerce Development Strategy

eCommerce has been slowly replacing traditional shopping with an increasing number of online storefronts that sell every type of products ranging from household consumables to industrial components. With such a huge market, many sellers are looking to open an online storefront to benefit from the enormous demand and easy customer engagement that eCommerce offers. In this article, let’s look into the Top 5 Design Strategies for your eCommerce Development plan.

The Design Introduction: User-Experience or UI/UX design is a critical element of your eCommerce development strategy as it’s the first thing that your customers would notice while shopping online. It’s worthy of investing in quality UI/UX design to increase the time customers spend on your website and make them buy and recommend your products. Many eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc., offer a wide range of custom made templates or themes for rapidly building your website so that your design follows an attractive and easy to manage pattern.

Themes and Templates: We recommend using them for having consistency in your design and making it easy to upgrade. Using the above Content Management Systems (CMS) offers you a wide range of design layouts and vibrant storefront designs to choose from, and switching over to a new look is just a breeze when you use themes or templates. Your ultimate goal is to engage the customer in the limited attention span that they have on your website, so it’s always good to focus on quality design.

Design for all Devices: With close to 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s necessary that your website has a responsive design that allows users from desktops, laptops, and mobiles to easily access your eCommerce website. Responsive website design allows your store to have more customers easily shopping on your website and boosts your search engine rankings.

Adding Multimedia: In the limited attention span that your customers have on your product pages, it’s always advised to use high-resolution product images so that your users can have an idea of how your product looks like. You can also add image galleries showing your products from different angles, and can also include short videos and social sharing buttons so that your customers can share your product across social media accounts.

Your Branding: It’s always important to have your custom branding on your website, such as a logo and uniform text and color patterns, so that your website looks professional and consistent. You should also include your social media account links so that customers can easily interact with you across various social media channels.

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