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E-Commerce is a highly competitive market, with many established and upcoming players. If you are looking to start your E-Commerce storefront, here are a few must-have essentials for your website that you should not miss. This would help you plan your Magento website development so that you can stay ahead in the race.

Top Features for your E-Commerce Store

Keeping the design simple: One of the most important factors for the success of an E-Commerce website is to keep its design simple and user-friendly. The attention span of users on a website is limited to minutes, and it’s important that they are able to navigate clearly and see things easily. Surveys indicate that ease of usage is the most important factor in website popularity and acceptance, so it is advised to keep your website and ordering process short and simple.

Mobile-Friendly: Statistics support the fact that over 50% of traffic on a website comes from mobile phones, so it’s necessary that your website has an adaptable layout for all devices. The property is called as being responsive, and all CMS systems support such a feature. You could also be penalized by Google in its search ranking if the website is not responsive-so do keep the mobile element clear and running.

Rich Multimedia: It’s not content that is the only appealing factor for an E-Commerce store, but it is more of images. User’s expect good resolution and high-quality images that give them an exact idea of the product that they would want to purchase. Its important that you invest in high-resolution images and videos shot at multiple angles to give users a 360° view of your product. You can have image galleries that pop-up or image magnifiers to create a better user experience.

Having Reviews: Customers mostly get influenced by the reviews that they read for a product, and your product pages must include a facility for users to submit a review. You can prompt customers to leave a review, and it need not always be positive. Users tend to believe in a product better when they see a mixture of positive and a sprinkling of negative reviews, as this means that the reviews are authentic and not falsified. If you are looking at better customer engagement, you surely should have reviews on your website product pages.

Shopping Wishlist: Some of the top E-Commerce stores have a feature to create a shopping Wishlist, where customers can save products for purchase later. This keeps them connected to your website, and having a reminder email sent for the Wishlist products does surely help to connect with your customers.

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