Top Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonments-Tips on your eCommerce Development

You have spent a fortune developing your website and making it attractive for customers. You have also ran promotions, offered discounts, and deals for your customers to make them purchase on your store. You have also ran promotions in social media and advertised your site across online channels. But still, you come across a good amount of traffic to your website but see a lot of shopping cart abandonments. If this sound’s like your business story, here’s some information on why customers abandon their shopping carts. Also included are tips to tweak your eCommerce development strategy to reduce cart abandonments.

Top Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonments

  • Long checkout process and poor site performance: There is nothing much that turns off your customers then a website with bad performance and slow checkout process. This is one of the major reasons for cart abandonments in eCommerce websites, and slow loading checkout pages are to blame. Often, you tend to make them bulky with code and design for all the options you want to give your customers, but it tends to put them off with the loading speed. You can try checkout optimization services and a one-step checkout process
  • Hidden Costs in the fine print: Your customers are all set with their chosen products and then comes a surprise in the shipping charges, taxes, and minimum cart value for free delivery. If this sounds like what your website has been doing, its time to keep customers informed about the pricing at a prior stage, rather then overwhelming them at the last stage of the checkout. This will lead to better customer engagement and keep them informed on their options.
  • Less Delivery and Shipping Options: Maybe you have a good collection of products and buying options, but what really impacts a customer is the ease of delivery and shipping options. Make sure to give all the available regular and expedited shipping and delivery options so that customers can make a choice as per their requirements. This reduces cart abandonment, and does surely boost customer experience.
  • Payment Processing Concerns: Your website might not have an SSL certificate, or might be missing on secure payment certifications. All of these would erode the trust that users have on your payment processing system, so keep in mind to include them.
  • Account creation: If your website does not have the option of a guest checkout, user would be prompted to create an account by filling-in pages of information that they would not enjoy doing so. If you do not have that option, now is the time to include it so that the account creation no longer scares users.

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