When customers can’t find the items on the table, or what they are looking for, they get frustrated and raise a complaint against your products.

However, there is a chance to manage your inventory techniques that save money.

You can find a way to reduce operational costs and eliminating unnecessary steps and make it more accessible to your customers to get the products that they want.

Here comes ERP that integrates all the applications to manage your business. ERP is a shared database that upholds multiple functions applied by different business units.

Understanding ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software and an end-to-end solution where it connects a variety of business aspects including product planning and development, and marketing management. ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software access information shared with other modules that are available in the given process.

These methods of management tools act as a single source for all the business data, catalog, orders, and customer accounts. ERP is helpful for streamlining operations and increases their efficiency for both small and medium scale businesses.  There are several platforms that offer ERP software products to integrate with the Magento system including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, NetSuite, and many more.

Why Integrate ERP with your Magento store

Integration of ERP and e-commerce both the systems allows the manager to perform a particular task in one order and will enable others to follow it automatically. ERP system is integrated and allows in boosting the speed of data exchange and improves customer service efficiency.

To reach that merchants use ERP integration solutions for their Magento stores to save time and minimize costs of items and reduces the difficulty of errors. Extensions are necessary to integrate your ERP and Magento system or are approved by the Magento marketplace.

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