What is New in Magento 2.4-Latest Feature Updates on The New Release

Magento 2.4 has been released on July 28’ 2020, and the latest version brings many new features, security updates, and performance improvements. Magento’s official release says that over 30 security fixes and platform improvements were included in the new version. The Magento 2.4 version now includes support for Elasticsearch 7.6 and is compatible with PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8.0. Let’s take a look at an overview on what’s new in Magento 2.4, and how your eCommerce storefront can stand to benefit by upgrading to the latest Magento 2.4 version.

Top New Features in Magento 2.4

Support for Elasticsearch: The new version supports Elasticsearch functionality, allowing Elasticsearch 7.6.x to be the default catalog search solution. The Elasticsearch functionality helps you get the best of your search functionality by including support for both structured, unstructured text and numeric data by indexing the search terms and generating faster and accurate search results. The feature supports searching with partial search terms and SKU values, making it more user-friendly.

Two Factor Authentication: With an increased focus on making the platform more secure, Magento 2.4 has introduced two-factor authentication to the admin panel access. This enables administrators to add a second layer of authentication through an UI or a Web API to add to the existing access security. The supported authenticators are as below:

  • Google Authenticator:Enables authentication through a code generated from a Mobile App.
  • Authy: Authy enables two-factor authentication through Text messages, call, token, one-touch authentication, and API keys.
  • U2F Keys: This requires a physical device to authenticate.
  • Duo Security: Duo Security allows two-factor authentication through Text and Push messages by means of Secret Key Integration and API Hostname.

Two-Factor authentication has been made default in the Magento 2.4 version and makes it harder or malicious users to gain access to the account. This added layer of authentication makes it near to impossible for unauthorized users to access the account without having the additional authentication resource.

Seller Assisted Shopping: This revolutionary feature allows store owners to view the website as a customer so that they can assist them in shopping through the website. This feature also allows store owners to place orders on behalf of customers and can be used for different account types.

Adobe Stock Integration: The new version users to license stock images listed on the Adobe Gallery and make purchase easier from the admin panel itself.

Improved Media Gallery:   The improved media gallery allows 30x faster searching, sorting, and filtering images from the media gallery, and greatly improves ease of usage and inserting multimedia contents on the website.

Extended Inventory Management: The new inventory management feature includes support for in-store pickups and bundled products. This increases the flexibility and delivery options that are available for customers. Order confirmation emails that are automatically sent to customers now include the complete list of ordered products.

Support for Progressive Web Applications: The Magento 2.4 version includes the Progressive Web Application (PWA) studio, which allows easy development and integration of progressive web applications or “Hybrid Online Apps” that greatly improve accessibility the online shopping experience.

Payment Methods: The new version has deprecated popular Payment methods such as Braintree and Authorize.net, while improving the existing PayPal Express Checkout Integration and Amazon Pay.

The new version of Magento greatly improves ease of usage, security, maintenance, and offers a greater set of features for better customer engagement. We recommend that users upgrade to Magento 2.4 for getting the best performance from their eCommerce store.

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