If you want to stay competitive in this modern world, you require an online store. This is applicable for both small and medium B2B businesses. Before it reaches the development team, you need to choose the right platform that suits the requirements of your business. This post will explain why Magento is excellent for B2B eCommerce stores.

As per increasing growth in the e-commerce platform for the customers, the market themselves changed how people can shop for their products.  According to a Pew Research study, customers give more importance to cost saving than anything else. However, cost-saving plays a vital role in the driving force for B2B eCommerce.



As customers become demanding, making your customers happy these days is challenging. So they made self-service a natural process where sellers attract customers to buy products on their stores. E-commerce platform developed and clear to support the unique needs of B2B.

Magento rise to the highest level

Magento started covering by all the leading brands and been a favorite among them. However, in Alexa’s top 100k e-commerce sites, Magento has the second most popular place in the e-commerce platform. In this new expansion, Magento provides plenty of features and benefits to B2B e-commerce brands that are very hard to find somewhere else, and you can see that the number of B2B brands migrating to Magento2.2.

Advanced Account Management Tools

Magneto account has upgraded with the latest improved it with the release of Magento 2. When you compare with Magento other platforms, allow user management, such as restrictions and applying fixed prices which can be on user groups, but Magento has more effective options which are especially with B2B mind.

You need to have a self-service tool for B2B customers which provides control over their company accounts and linked users. Webstore administrator controls over categorizing and get together of customers information, import and export customers data list and allotting all the sales representatives to individual customer accounts.

Multi-User solutions in purchase accounts

Management tools, B2B customers are eligible o share account controls. However, customers have a single purchaser account to log in where they can make purchase the products. Magento authorizes multiple buyers to share an account as an essential feature.

Both the account owners and website admin explains about the account roles and regulate buyer permission for each user for different kinds of scenarios

For Example:

Set some restrictions on a product list where user can access. Give the authorization to submit by a team member while final order approval is given to another user of the same team like finance department, manager or team leader.

Webstore admins catalog controls each user account by controlling particular products of the statements that could access specific products. E-commerce site sells both B2B and B2C. CPG manufacturer faced a bad experience in customer-facing website for B2C orders on BigCommerce. Then they set up a B2B side of its business for wholesales account because here product catalogs could not split in this way. There is no option to choose that credit or ACH checkout is the only way available for B2B.

If that brand migrates to Magento 2, they could manage both the sites into a single website and reduces every month as well as the cost or time of maintaining two websites.

Additional payment options with credit terms

Payment options create conflicts for purchases in both B2B and B2C. Most experts recommend offering as many payment options to make it easier for the customer during their checkout. Most of the e-commerce payment process is done through credit card and PayPal for their checkout method. Providing wholesale orders is a perfect model for all B2B customers. Based on your platform you can add other payment options is another 3 rd party extension or app. Magento 2 has a particular program to expand credit extension or individual; customers. These are all based on the purchase conditions like

You should have a minimum or maximum order limits Your credit restrictions will base on the country of origin you are allowed to exceed the credit limits based on your account age

Custome Pricing

Magneto 2 changed their way of handling product pricing. The changed customer pricing features allow all the webstore merchant to generate multiple pricing lists for products and assign them to every individual buyer. Product data specification, a merchant, is eligible to create a default pricing without doing any adjustments or discounts for users who are not yet logged into an account. Other modifiers have an limit the visibility of products which are based on pricing.

Rapid Order Entry

One of the difficulties in using eCommerce platforms for B2B purchase has been the shopping experience. Traditional B2C platforms were not designed with large order volume in mind. They endowed to customers who require a particular product.

Magento 2 has made speed up entry for B2B customers snap by virtually eliminating the browse and click-to -cart what a traditional online shopping does.  Buyers can input the SKU Stock keeping unit of a product and once the buyers give input Magento will immediately validate that SKU. If you feel like products are listed, and if they are valid, then customers can order the products.

Buyers can upload a CSV file to submit entire orders at once and finish the whole order in just a few clicks, and they can even use the previous order history if they wish for a duplicate order.

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