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In continuation to the previous article, we shall look into the latest ways to improve your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to convert more users to customers on your online Magento Store. These techniques make use of the latest technologies to improve your customer engagement and drive them to be faster shoppers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in Magento-Marketing Techniques

Latest ways to improve your CRO:

Artificial Intelligence-driven Chatbots: Chat communication is one of the fastest ways to gather information. In addition to having a live agent monitoring your chat feature, you can also use the Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots that can answer the common queries that your customers have, help them locate products, and make faster checkouts.

These AI-driven chatbots are approximated to handle 60% of the common queries that customers have, so it would be worthwhile to invest in that technology. They are designed to automatically fetch responses from a built-in information pool by analyzing the customer’s query and then direct the user to a live agent if they are unable to respond to the chat.

Many of the E-Commerce websites have this feature, as these chatbots replicate a live agent’s behavior on the website and guide customers. They are easy to implement and integrate on your website and can be a great value addition to boost your CRO efforts.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR): This latest technology helps customers actually try and feel the product before making a purchase. Using technology, they can visualize how the product would look like when purchased and used, and use the insights to make better purchasing decisions. An example would be an online store selling furniture-where users can actually look at how the products would fit in their room. Virtual and Augmented Reality is also helpful in apparel, eyewear, and many more online selling verticals. You can take advantage of this latest technology by incorporating it into your website or an App and get the benefit of giving a customized shopping experience.

Voice Search and Voice Commerce: A recent study says that 85% of customers were impacted by voice-assistant recommending products to them. Voice Commerce is estimated to reach $40 Billion by 2022. In this age of virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, voice commerce is a factor that you can no longer ignore. You can gain the advantage by developing your store’s presence in voice Apps, and implementing a voice SEO strategy. You can also include voice-app purchasing in your store, allowing the complete functionality of Voice Commerce in your store.

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