The role of Social Media in a Successful eCommerce Development Strategy

Social Media has been revolutionizing the way people communicate across the globe. It has enormous spread and potential as a powerful tool for communication as well as marketing. Statistics reveal that Social media referrals to eCommerce sites have increased by 110% in the last two years, with Facebook leading the race. In this article, let’s look into the role of social media in a successful eCommerce development strategy.

Social Media in eCommerce Marketing

In eCommerce marketing, social media is all about getting connections to your account, actively engaging them with relevant content, and then converting them as customers to your business. Social media also forms an important channel for customer interactions so that you can directly chat with your customers or have your contact information easily shared. It’s a platform where you can get viral attention for your products or services if you have a good presence and connections.

As a part of your eCommece development strategy, you should also be having a regular social media presence so that you can showcase your product or service offerings and get more traffic to your website. You can post your deals, new products, promotions and also invite users to visit your site and trail your offerings. The biggest advantage that social media gives is the ability to share content to a second or third level connection that you would not have probably heard of. This is what makes the Businesses or products go “Viral” in their promotion.

In this article, let us take a look at a few prominent social media platforms, and how you can use them to your advantage in your eCommerce development strategy. You can also consider advertising on these platforms to reach a targeted audience.

Facebook: Facebook is the world’s largest social media community, with an approximate user base of close to 2.7 billion. It’s one of the most preferred platforms for sharing business updates, new products, and services, and also gives you an option to create a business page. You can easily share your eCommerce products and services to a local or targeted audience and have it shared across different levels and user groups. Facebook also lets you promote your web pages or blog articles-and helps you increase traffic to your website. You can also look into advertising with FaceBook for more reach.

Pinterest: Pinterest is fast catching-up on the social media avenue with its “Shop the look” feature where you can identify products in fashion and home décor and can purchase them. This is more relevant to eCommerce sites that deal in apparel and home furnishings. It is also revamping its advertising feature, so this is one graphic social media platform that you would not want to miss on.

Instagram: Instagram has a feature where is you have more than 10K flowers; you can directly add your store links to stories and also have multiple folders in your stories for your online promotions. This is one sure way of getting more customers for your online store.

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